Vinkle! was started on Feb 15, 2010 for the sole means of gaining and spreading knowledge. Here you can find a lot of information on varied topics ranging from Medicine to Travel and Politics to Technology. The site is open to all people to read and submit content of any type which are very genuine. Also as a token for their content we give all those who contribute to us to have Google Ads in their content pages 100% of times and for an infinite period.

The content offered by us are articles, blogs, stories, news, Jobs, Bookmarks and Business like schools, colleges, marriage halls etc. All the particular sections are detailed below:


Here you can read article posted by many of our users and you can find contents on wide variety of topics. You can also submit your content and share your knowledge to earn Google Ads revenue.


This is the section where job seekers can search for various openings and also if users find any openings, they can post it here and earn revenue.


This feature is exclusively left for some interesting links around the web which can be submitted by users and shared for others to follow. If you find any site which adds value for the visitors, you can submit it there along with some description and also earn revenue from the ads on the pages.


This is a vast section which includes many areas such as schools, colleges, hotels, party halls, driving schools and much more. Some of them are split here:

  • Schools: We can find lot of schools and other educational institutes for learning and many people search for businesses regarding the same. Thus this section is intended to provide information and details regarding schools in various boards.
  • Colleges: Like schools this section provides details about the colleges and similar listings.
  • Other Business: All the business sections are included here and users can submit the listings to earn money from ads.


This feature is to discuss credible matters and interesting things. if you find any difficulty any where you can discuss it with our members on this forum board. Also there is a feature called "Ask and Know" and here people can ask any question that is in their mind and get answers from experts who know the answer. If you have any trouble navigating our site, you can contact the admin, editors and publishers in the forum.


This is a special section where users can interact with others, make friends, upload photos, videos etc. just like any social networking site. Also it is integrated with a chat bar wherein you can chat with other online members. You can find the bar at the bottom of every page once you have logged in. You can find more about community by visiting your profile from the top menu bar.


For the entertainment of our visitors we have added many games from all the categories like action, adventure, sports etc. You can also submit your scores for seleceted games and compare it with others. Also if you find any interesting games on other sites and which is not copyrighted(which means shareable) you can intimate to us here and we will add it here and the visitors can also enjoy from it.

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If you have any doubts, questions or constructive suggestion, then you can send it to us in the forum or contact us page.


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