Commencement of the course:  The academic year for the B.H.M.S course shall commence from 1st August of the year.

Commencement of Examination:  Theory examinations not to be held on Saturday and Sunday. If the date of commencement of the examination falls on public holiday, the next working day will be the date of commencement of examinations.

Cut-off Date for admission to Examination:  The candidates admitted upto 30th September shall be registered to take up their I Professional Examination after 18 months.
All kinds of admissions shall be completed on or before 30th September of the academic year. There shall not be any admissions after 30th September, even if seats are vacant.

Curriculam:  The curriculum and syllabus for the course shall be prescribed by the standing Academic Board from time to time.

Medium of instruction:   The Medium of instruction for the B.H.M.S degree course shall be English.

Working days in the Academic Year:  Each academic year shall consist of not less than 200 working days.

Attendence Particulars:  
No Candidate shall be permitted to appear for any one of the parts of B.H.M.S. examinations unless he/she has attended the course in the subject for the prescribed duration/hours of study in an affiliated institution recognized by this University and produced the necessary certificate of study, attendance, satisfactory conduct and progress from the Head of the Institution.

A candidate is required to put in a minimum 75% of attendance as mandatory in both theory and practical separately in each subject before admission to the examination.

A candidate lacking in the prescribed attendance and progress in any one subject in theory and practical shall not be permitted for admission to the entire examinations in the first appearance.
No condonation of attendance is permissiable.
Submission of Laboratory record note books:   At the time of practical examination, each candidate shall submit to the Examiners his/her laboratory note books duly certified by the Head of the Department as a bonafide record of the work done by candidate.
The concerned Head of the Department shall evaluate the practical record (Internal Evaluation) and the practical record marks shall be submitted to the University 15 days prior to the commencement of the theory examinations.
The candidate may be permitted at the discretion of examiners to refer to the practical record note book during the practical examination. No other material, hand written, cyclostyled or printed guide is allowed for reference during the practical examination.
In respect of failed candidates, the marks awarded for record at previous examination will be carried over for the subsequent examination or the candidates shall have the option to improve his performance by submission of fresh records.
Internal Assessment:  A minimum of four written examinations shall be conducted in each subject during an academic year and the average marks of three best performances shall be taken in to consideration for award of sessional marks.
A failed candidate in any subject should be provided an opportunity to improve his sessional marks by conducting a minimum of two examination in theory and practical separately and the average may be considered for improvement.
The internal assessment marks (both in written and practical taken together) should be submitted to the university endorsed by the Head of the Institutions 15 days prior to the commencement of the theory Examinations.

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