The large increase in the number of users of communication tools such as Facebook and Twitter over SMS and reducing this Christmas greeting emails has created a body of opinion that predicts the death of digital communication methods more common, as are SMS Email and especially in the business world.

In this view, applications such as email and SMS applications will soon be past, because consumers increasingly prefer to filter the information they receive. They will increasingly abandoned the use of applications like SMS are increasingly using social networks to communicate. This prediction is very radical. What will happen will probably be a combination of different communication channels, especially for communication between companies and customers.

Due to the economic crisis and the decline of revenues provided by traditional advertising in the mass media has changed the paradigm of unidirectional communication businesses to customers. Many companies are beginning to see the true value of active listening to the needs of its customers, becoming a model of bidirectional communication between companies and customers. And for this new situation are equally important all digital communication channels, whether communication through emails, social networks or via SMS 2.0.

Better managed firms will eventually communicate with their customers, making sure to contact them through their preferred channel. I get by giving customers a choice between different methods of digital communication and the type of information they wish to receive in each of them.

In the future companies will send messages to their customers but giving them the ability to choose how they want to receive this information.

A fact which shows that SMS is a channel of communication is still very valid, Esendex Spain SL, a provider that specializes in sending SMS services for Business, earned a 41% increase in SMS volumes processed in December 2009 vs. December 2008 Android app