In Ancient Greece Period ,they were teaching about physical and mental ,both were include separate divisions .physical provides yoga, and other body work which is useful for health, even Mentality provides arts and music.

The word Music came from Greece Myth, In the myth it tells that 90 artists were executing different programs to make gods happy and to enjoy, they were called "Muss" .Even Music came from this Muss. The muss were playing dance, songs, and other musical instrument.

In Greece music was considered has great art.Youths were telling ancient story's through music,. By playing music ,the history of music flow from generation to generation and story's were continuing and muss were explaining the history of music. In ancient period women's were not allowed to play musics.

Music were used as Medicine. Changing the vibration in our body is like a Medicine treatment, when vibration changes in our body ,it makes our body calm and peace. True medicine take care inside the body and music take care outside the body.

Music directly touches the soul of human, Arfias and his students thought that Music express human sad,happiness and sour of his life. And even Music express the human expression. Music greatly effects on our every parts our body. Listening to melodious music our mental in peace and calm and also music give great relief to our mental and physical and our body will be free from tension and heavy work load. According to teachers in management they said that today's music gives more enjoyment and happiness.

When our body in stress,pain,depress, then inside our body motivation will be suppressed ,at this stage when we listen to music ,it motivates all our body. Even Ancient Greeks said that whoever listen to music it not only gives entertainment and also make person healthy, and even person enjoys the music. Android app