Title Exhibition: genetic drift.

Author: Roberto Delgado.

Technique: plastic installation. Photography, sculpture, video art and sound.

Roberto Delgado presented at the cultural center of the county council of Ourense several pieces most outstanding artists. Against Nature, and Electronaturo spectrums. Three pieces plastic FotM installation where the artist works different procedures contemporary image. 

The installation of plastic Delgado, shows a group of living things that move trying to adapt to a habitat. This "habitat" could be a new planet. a place where its inhabitants struggle to survive. A place where the atmosphere, pollution, sound, and textures are coloes denser and loaded it into the ground.

The technique of adaptation of new beings is to merge with the surroundings or take other textures. In order to pass unnoticed in the new world. "The initial idea which led me to make these images was to create beings from other worlds, lost beings, without a soul. A cross between the real and imaginary. These landscapes and characters are heavily influenced by electronica, pose and airs.

Genetic alteration ... Experimentation with living ...

Artist's Website: http:www.robi10.tk


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