FaboAlbum4JS - Joomla facebook photo album integrator for jomsocial


FaboAlbum now comes to JomSocial, the social networking community-based extension that has taken Joomla by storm. If you have JomSocial installed, then FaboAlbum4JS will be a great addition to your site. It allows your users to showcase their Facebook Photos on your site, without using your precious server disk space. FaboAlbum4JS allows your users to select which albums they want to showcase, and have them displayed in their profile. Once linked, the users' albums and tagged photos will be automatically retrieved. These photos can be scrolled and the viewers can click on a picture to view it in a higher resolution, all still within your web site. This is accomplished using AJAX. Pictures are retrieved from Facebook in the background after the web page loads, which translates into a slicker web browsing experience.




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Creation Date

Tuesday, 02 August 2011



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