The dynamics of modern business management application that performs its functions in an effective, proactive, where the secretary plays a role, very important partnership in its attainment.

The secretary in the present must have a series of requirements, features good performance appraisal, are a guarantee of effectiveness, successful collaboration for management to achieve its objectives.

Being secretary is a profession rather than a trade, much more than just a springboard to reach out to another post, and much more than a hobby. It's an important job, not by anything the newspapers every day and everywhere seeking a number of highly qualified secretaries.

It is often said that the secretary is the first image of the institution to outsiders: both those who come to her, as also for staying away, for the latter through correspondence and telephone.
The figure of the secretary continues to evolve as the company continues to evolve, and we do not specify to what extent that evolution is due to it. Every day is most momentous in modern society the role of business and it seems that every day is more important in the company secretary. We see it as a promoter, as an entertainer, as coordinator, as executive assistant and close active role in major decisions.

What might these characteristics?

Suedi Leon Jimenez, and gives us some;

  • Be credited with the utmost confidence. Having a good education, knowledge updated, strength, discretion, character, personality, behavior, there are key to a relationship of absolute trust. 
  • Intuition, intelligence order to meet as many topics as possible and do it without stress and in "good form" is essential the support of a secretary intuitive and intelligent. 
  • Being a good secretary Security is knowing what the boss needs, think and anticipate security pass with no mistakes. It's the perfect excuse to give the telephone and the boss does not look bad. . 
  • Guarantee in performing tasks. Become the guarantee implementation of any meeting where decisions are made. Thus, the boss's mind can relax and deal with new things, so that their productivity will increase. 

To this you can add other aspects such as: the effective management of human relations, health, coping with problems that arise.

The present executive secretary must also give way to creativity, properly handle the tools of modern telematics, facilitate the operation of their leader, fluent in English, in addition to the supports of basic knowledge of current administrative language.

Requirements that must fill

As Leon says not, do not forget that a good secretary needs to learn as much as the boss. Must catch up on everything that is important in the company. Getting to know new things, but they are complex. Must be formed continually do specialized courses, without affecting the normal course of their daily work.

The six most representative functions of the secretaries are:

1. Write specific documentation and reporting and presentations.

2. Finding information through the Internet and handle e-mails. Meet, handle with skill, computer skill,, know the scope, this brings benefits in the performance of their duties under

3. Managing the.

4. Filter calls.

5. Conduct coordination and communication with other departments.

6. To organize meetings and external visits and travel arranged.

7. Tolerant uncertainty moving business.

8. With ability to create, innovate and implement

9. With global vision of the company's business

10. Speak at least English


Executive secretary should know that is a crucial point for management support, empathize with those actions that are crucial in the successful performance of this act in his diary, planning, organizing their activities and establish controls that enable them to ensure beneficial outcomes that favor to management and everything involving the company.


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