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had a real bad exeprience
I am a previous student of this college completed my BSc and got cheated well and to the core . Initialy they told some fees and levied more than a lakh rupees from all of us in the name of miscellaneous fee and other charges and fees. We were given training for even psychiatry and other subjects at Little flower and Koshys hospital ( there own )where they don't have any such department. Zero academics , sports was alien , and The worse decision in My life and I some how completed my degree from there and doing some other job . At least 35 percent of my class mates are out of the profession and doing some thing else . lots of them droped out during the college ... our teachers were good but even they couldn't train us well as the management was stingy on spending for academics and was trying to save money for them self ... my four years sucked ... If your are taking a decision think twice . They kept all of our certificates with them from the time of addmision and threatened that they wont give it back if we are making any problem or speaking things out.. I am out of the college now and at least this is not a bad time for people like me give our review to people so that they can make informed decisions

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