Paper MarioPaper Mario (or Mario Story in Japan) is a video game role developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo on Nintendo 64.  It was first released August 11, 2000 in Japan, February 5, 2001 in North America and October 5, 2001 in Europe and Australia. The game is then emerged on the Virtual Console for Wii in 2007.

Paper Mario is set in the Mushroom Kingdom, where the protagonist Mario tries to save Princess Peach from the threat of Bowser. To do this, it must release seven "Star Spirits" to cancel the effects of star wand makes Bowser invincible.  The player controls Mario and several partners to solve puzzles and defeat enemies in a battle system turn based.

Paper Mario is the first episode of the Paper Mario series, which also includes Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on GameCube, Super Paper Mario on Wii and 3DS Paper Mario on Nintendo 3DS.  The game was well received by critics, earning an average of 88% on Game Rankings and 93% on Metacritic.  It finished in 63rd place in the list established in 2006 by Nintendo Power's 200 best games on Nintendo consoles.

  • Editor     Nintendo
  • Developer     Intelligent Systems
  •  Music      Yuka Tsujiyoko

Game System

Paper Mario mixes the adventure aspect specific to the role-playing game with elements of platform, and also combat phases.  It features two-dimensional characters, drawn from the Mario universe, in a three-dimensional.  During his adventure, Mario can talk to any non-player in the crossover game, will sometimes jump from obstacle to obstacle or break blocks that hinder his progress with his hammer.  Mario is assisted by a companion, and one at a time, it can change at any time.  He can count on it for example to solve certain puzzles or catch some objects.  The combat system takes place when Mario meets one or enemies.

 As in many RPGs, the battles are in turn based.  Mario, assisted by the accompanying figure before the fight, faces a few enemies on a stage closed and can use various techniques to attack, like jumping on an enemy or use a hammer.  The player can increase the power of an attack by pressing a button at the right time.  Each character that accompanies Mario has several unique capabilities, such Goombario the Goomba can strike the enemy's head with his technique or analyze his special technique Indic.  The player can also use objects or even to invoke the powers of the spirits Stars after their release.

 Finally, an adventure annexes depicts the princess Peach, which is playable on several occasions in the adventure.

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