When you have to send a file through email for your friend. But due to network problem your internet connection is slowing down. Even though you checked the internet connectivity and shutdown the rooter and restarted again then you also checked the connectivity between modem and your network but still network is not pickup. So this are the common things happen when network slowdown.
In this world without internet any work is not possible, so when internet get slowdown we cannot sit back wait till loading a page when we have to do work fast, we should use resources available currently in our computer.
When network slowdowns don’t think that for new environment you have to upgrade your hardware. That is not the reason for Computer or network slowdown; there are many reasons for that.·You can see the only programs which you’re running in computer, but in system so many services are running so this is called back hand service. So many times due to programs hidden services will start to run we call them as virus or back off, anti-virus programs.
So to fast your computer you have to stop all unwanted services. So first step is you have to delete Temporary folders (In windows system temp and temporary internet folders) but for slow network this not the solution. But this step helps for other work.
And we you have to email a large size files, it is very tuff task so better to upload in online cloud environment, Picasa, Google doc to make easier. In other way you can compress your files using WinZip program, then save to any folder then emailing will be faster.
When you’re working in computer, some unnecessary application will be running, so these application use computer utility and resources will become less. When resources not available computer will be slowdown and even when you’re listening to songs this will make internet slowdown. So that whenever you’re browsing don’t open other applications and close the unnecessary programs when it is not needed. Use Ctrl+Alt+Tab to close the programs.
When browsing network becoming very slow then go to graphic option in web browser and turn it off. So that in website you can see texts messages only. And photos will be loaded fast. To make these follow following steps:
1. Go to Tool menu in browser, and select internet option then select advance tab.
2. in that menu select Multimedia option and then uncheck the following boxes
·· ·a. Play animation in webpage.
··· b. Play sounds in webpage.
···· c. Play videos in webpage.
····· d. Show Pictures.
Useful tips :
······· 1)In your computer run few applications only.
········· 2)According to utility upgrade your computer, installing unwanted software’s increase the usage of memory.
········· When virus, spyware entered into network, then system will be slowdown. So that don’t allow popup windows in any websites and then run the antivirus in offline.
········· 3)For once a week Defragment your computer disks.
········· 4)Almost all wireless networks work properly when they kept 300m high.
········· 5)With the Google and Microsoft software’s desktop search programs are attached to it. These programs steal your computer memory. So you have to uncheck these programs.
········ 6) If these tips don’t work for your computer then reboot your computer. So that scratch memory will become less and then system default settings will be restored.

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