The long term pending issue of kishanaganga dam is settled. India has been given the permission to construct the Kishanganga dam in Kashmir's Baramullah district by the International Court of Arbitration, Hague. Now India is officially allowed to continue the process of constructing the above said dam overruling the objection raised by the Pakisthan government. The disputed project is a dam for one of tributary of river Jhelum whcih flows into Pakisthan. Pakisthan had raised an objection saying that diversion of water from river would hit the capacity and viability of river water project which was planned to bulit downstream. As the bilateral talks didnot make any progress, the case was reffered to the International Court and the decision of the International court was a little baised supporting Indian view. Even though Pakisthan governament is unhappy about the verdict, it is bound to follow the judgement of the Court. India on the other hand has been given the permission to build the dam but on a certain conditions which are bound to be followed.

They are:

1. Minimum waterflow throughout the year.

2. India should adopt a different technique to flush sedimentation in the river.

On the other hand, the Pakisthan water minster has said that the verdict was a victory for their country and said they would certainly follow the verdict of the Court. India never disputed abouth this because the Indus water treaty had allocted rivers to both the countries fairly long ago itself. In the end, the 3 year long dispute has now come to an end with an equal profit to both the countries resulting a dam for the tributary. Android app