There are two main options to control premature ejaculation: the physical techniques and mental techniques. Thus, depending on the "expert" that you follow, PE is caused by a factor of around mental, physical altogether, or both.

Experts say that the mental factor is because of nervousness, anxiety, and all subconscious factors that can affect men not to control premature ejaculation. A known trick to avoid this is to keep your attention elsewhere, which will last longer, and simultaneously demonstrates that there are mental factors at play, and dispose of delaying ejaculation.

For the physical factor, experts say that in order to prevent premature ejaculation is necessary to strengthen the PC muscle, which is responsible for controlling ejaculation. Many men have the PC muscle very weak and inflexible, leading to ejaculate faster because they have no control over the muscle.

Since both mental and physical techniques work to control premature ejaculation, it's time to learn a couple of years of both.

Physical: The PC muscle is located between the anus and testicles. If you stop your urine before finishing, you feel the muscle in action. With this muscle can stop the ejaculation. Try exercising your PC muscle to have more flexibility and gain more control over it.

The key here is distracted during sex. Focusing too much on the feelings causes premature ejaculation. Put your mind elsewhere and will last much longer. Android app