If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, you should know that there are a variety of treatment options that you can use.

There are pills, creams, sprays that allow some degree to last longer. However, the purpose of this paper is to show the treatments you can try, which are based on natural methods.

The following 3 natural treatments that can help control premature ejaculation and last longer:

1) Respiratory management

One of the main things you should learn to treat premature ejaculation is the control of breathing. This is key to your problem under control. By getting to have more elongated and deep breaths you should be able to last longer. If you are in a time of heightened stimulation, simply breathe slowly and deeply, and try to avoid short, quick breaths.

2) mental treatment

All the problems we face in life we can learn to solve them gaining control over our minds. However, the problem is that our minds are in most cases difficult to control, and the more it seeks to achieve mind control, it seems more difficult to achieve. So men suffering from premature ejaculation are affected by the power of their sexual thoughts, making the mind the push quickly toward ejaculation. One way around this is to take attention away from the mind, ie focusing on the body. Concentrate on all your feelings and your feelings, so going to get to last longer.

3) Muscle Treatment

The next time you have sex pay close attention to your body, and observe how their muscles. When they start to shrink when it approaches the time of ejaculation should try to consciously relax your muscles.

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