Vaginal herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus II, for which no cure. This does not mean that in any circumstances can not lead a full and healthy life (including a healthy sex life) for those living with vaginal herpes. With the discovery of antiviral drugs against herpes (acyclovir, Famvir, Valtrex), and numerous natural resources, it is now possible to control the virus.

Vaginal herpes symptoms are the same as any other form of genital herpes, but it should be noted that these symptoms can vary greatly from person to person. Many women experience a painful crisis first and then not have another outbreak later. Other women have more than 10 outbreaks of vaginal herpes per year, while most people with vaginal herpes experience between 2 to 5 outbreaks a year. The number of outbreaks you have can be determined by stress, lifestyle, immune system, and other such factors related.

Vaginal herpes usually begin with a tingling or itching in or around the area where an outbreak waiting to happen. Flu-like symptoms such as body aches, muscle pain and / or headaches may also accompany these early signs. It is here, during these early symptoms, it is important to begin to be treated with antiviral drugs and / or natural home remedies. Any of which may help prevent the outbreak of all or lessen the duration and severity of the episode. Vitamin C and zinc can be very beneficial during this period. You should also talk to your doctor about Valtrex, either for daily use or for a short period of time.

Studies have shown that women taking control over their vaginal herpes - through active management - since the start of infection, often return more quickly to a stable and balanced psychological state with regard to the condition. Android app