Chronic Asthma

This is a hyper-activity chronic bronchial little subject to external agents. Chronic inflammation is often slow and gradual installation. Usually this since childhood, it can occur in early childhood by repeated attacks of asthma or chronic bronchitis sibilants. In this case, there is a worsening of the asthmatic syndrome, which is a chronic (when it existed until that triggers an exacerbation). Because of the slow and gradual installation of inflammation, it may go unnoticed, especially because the patient has time to get used to breathing and gene gradually lose the notion of "normality" breathing up that the discomfort becomes too invasive in the patient's life. Untreated this form of asthma usually develops in respiratory failure.
Although the real causes remain to this day debatable, a predominant hypothesis is that this form of asthma is caused by an autoimmune reaction. This means that the patient's immune system attacks its own lungs, and maintaining over time the inflammation.

Allergic asthma

Generally characterized by the occurrence of one or more crises caused by an overreaction of the bronchi of the patient to an external agent (usually allergenic). This is the form of the asthma worse in the short term; the degree of bronchial response may be particularly important and sometimes fatal.
The allergic asthma manifested by a sudden obstruction and rapid progression of bronchial voice, the patient in crisis choking suffocation (inability to breathe properly to prevent a new inspiration) and lack of oxygen in the blood (inability to breathe preventing oxygen (due to the inspiration) and saturating CO2 in the body).
This form of asthma may develop in chronic asthma, particularly if the allergen exposure is constant and long duration.
The asthma attack is always a medical emergency life-threatening and requires special handling.

The exercise-induced asthma

This is an asthma manifested by crisis occurring during physical exertion. The cause is defined as an effort traumatic for the bronchi. Those are an effort seeking particularly the bronchi and / or perform in conditions that make the lungs work harder. The effort is typically a cardio-training (requesting the cardiac system in particular so breathing). Environmental factors such as aggravating asthma are the cold, wind and an environment with poor ventilation. The cold and wind, promoting airway inflammation, also promotes the crisis.
This type of asthma is often isolated or sometimes associated with chronic asthma or allergic, becoming a complication of type-induced asthma.
Asthma attacks could be facilitated by intense stress Indeed, the stress effect of accelerating the heart rate and develop a syndrome of hyperventilation, facilitating or exacerbating asthma. Android app