Nothing is more embarrassing to wake up and realize we have cold sores. It seems that more and more people are affected by this virus, and the sad truth is that they have absolutely no idea what they can do to find a solution to your problem.

Unfortunately, this problem affects many people around the world, and nobody knows why it occurs. There are two types of herpes that cause this problem.

Herpes virus type 1:
This is the most common type of virus that affects people, in fact is known to affect more than 60% of world population.

Herpes virus type 2: This type is not as common as previously mentioned, however, 20% of world population has been affected by this type of virus at some point.

So now you know about the 2 types of herpes that exist, the primary concern should be about what to do to treat cold sores. If you have ever suffered from this disease, then realizes that there are sores around or even inside the mouth. So make sure you keep your mouth clean, and avoid contact with other body parts.

Remember that this disease is highly contagious, and while you're suffering from cold sores, avoid having contact with their loved ones. Android app