About making money from Vinkle! site:

Welcome to Vinkle! from which you can get and share knowledge about any topic. We are offering an adsense revenue sharing program for all our users for 2 years. To make advantage of this program you must have an active adsense publisher ID(approved account) with Google Adsense to show your ads on your content pages. Here you can post any of your content such as articles, blogs, news,  jobs, business listing, bookmarks etc. and earn money for each of your post.
When your post is approved then all the pages that has your content shows Google ads from your pub ID 100% of times and revenue will accumulate in your adsense account from the ads in your content pages. You just have to integrate your adsense account with us and earn money from our site.

The process is simple. This is explained below.
1. In your user menu after you login click on Adsense Details link.
2. You just need Submit your pub ID and your pages will automatically start showing ads from your Pub ID.
3. You can get your adsense pub ID in your adsense account in the top right corner.
  • After you give the details then you are done and all the content submitted by you will show your ads and you will get 100% of the ad revenue.
  • Now to submit any content, you just need to click on the “Submit an Article” tab in the menu above and send us the article.
  • Alternatively you can submit any business post, weblinks, schools, colleges etc and earn 100% revenue from Google Adsense.
  • After we approve your post you will get revenue from your post when an ad is clicked by the visitor to your page.
  • You will get adsense revenue for a period of 2 years. More details here.
  • The revenue accumulated is calculated by Google and directly sent to you.
  • Please do never click on your ads or don’t ask your friends/relatives to click your ads to earn money. Because your account will be terminated by Google.
If you have any question regarding our revenue sharing system then please open a thread in our forum by following this link. Please read the adsense program policy for more details on Google Adsense.

Please register on Vinkle before proceeding to earn money.

Happy Earning!

Vinkle! team.

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