The word article, from the Latin artus, "articulation", indicates a coherent element of decomposition. It has the following meanings:

  • In grammar, an article is a factor before the name, the bearer of definiteness and marker type or number.
  • the definite articles: the
  • the indefinite articles: a, an
  • An article is a text covering a specific topic in a magazine or book containing as many.
  • A section of newspaper presents the facts of news or reportage.
  • In an encyclopedia, the article is an entry that may expose different views of supporters and detractors in order to be fully neutral or be hired.
  • In the trade, a section is a property sold by a store.
  • By law, the article is the subdivision basis of a statute (law, code, convention, etc..). Each article in a text has a number to be referenced.
  • It means in zoology by section each of the parties constituting an antenna, a leg, a tarsal or palpated in animals articulated as the insects, the spiders, or crustaceans. It also includes segments comprising the body of arthropods. Android app