Finally, the powers possessed the University of Carabobo, have awakened and this time with a school like the Economy, which is heavily involved in the formation, training of economists capable not only of interpreting the world economy, but the national than at present leaves much to be said, with plans, programs, actions, policies, economic strategies by the government that are not consistent and that its effects are manifested at a quality of life of Venezuelans very poor.

Economists who graduate must be proactive, generate change, providing actions, plans that lead to that generated the change needed to move the country forward from this economic reality that leaves a lot to say.

For some time we have been emphasizing in our chairs, teachers, principals, deans so significant that is, that the schools, in this case the Economy can not stand, nor should they be static before the economic crisis faced in the national and international, on the contrary, should be participatory, to rule, say, offer suggestions, solutions, where both their teachers and their students, speak out, express their opinions not only to the university community, but to the public in general, all so that people hear what is happening in economics and of course, take appropriate actions to correct the situation.

We are motivated and encouraged to see that this time the dean HAMEDI Benito, identifies with this reality and take the chance that the university community has provided, so that their role is dynamic, creating new performances of the School under his charge in such way, not only favor this, but have a beneficial participation for the whole community and of course for the country.

The actual management of a good dean is evaluated with facts, that over the political, power groups, special interests, friendship, is the moral, ethical, professional dynamically provide plans, actions that benefit the university, School under his charge and therefore the country.

Hence, we believe that finally, there has been an awakening in the faculties of our Alma Mater, is trying to eliminate figurative by the proactive role that has been anchored for many years and so to say this to the national situation, which requires, requires opinions, actions that do this, to prevent problems is growing, involving a crisis which could lead to serious problems for the country's development.

We applaud the step taken by the dean to HAMEDI Benito School of Economics under the direction of Professor Darwin Alvarado, has been the first to publicly present their proposal. As he points out, these contributions are the product of the efforts of our teachers and students who ask to be taken into consideration for participation in decision making and build a country in which equity and wealth distribution are equal conditions for all. Regardless of the economic model we take, the fact is that, if society does not create wealth or surplus, we can not move them to the population. And if we do not have clear policies governing governmental economy rules, we can not have economic equilibrium ",

Indeed, as was already published in newspapers in the region seventy-eight show technical advice to master inflation and speculative actions, stimulate domestic and foreign investment, strengthen and diversify the Venezuelan production, rescue the people's purchasing power and ultimately improve their quality of life, were presented by the School of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Carabobo (UC).
The proposals were discussed, suggested and sanctioned at the Extraordinary Council of School No. 606 and, according to that indicated by the dean of Faces, Benito Hamidian is a guarantee that they bring to society. "These experiences can influence the improvement of decision makers in the field of economy".

There are proposals for all areas where economy is manifested, as in the monetary, fiscal, institutional, commercial, industrial, energy, regulatory, public policy, trade policy.

Very significant proposals which, of course, be accompanied by their programs, plans, strategies to determine its scope, impact lead to promote the country before the economic crisis of this, of course it involves change in where they should be well integrated actors , their environment, so that passing a new economic culture favorable for a country that has everything to address challenges that have not significantly impaired quality of life for its citizens.

In order to know what these proposals can be seen in

No doubt, that the other schools in the Faculty of Faces, such as Business Administration and Public Accounting, Industrial Relations will also present their views and answers on topics that concern where there is much to contribute.

Of course, one can not exclude the participation of graduate Faces in the various entries, whose views proposals will also be enhanced to take into account, are evaluated and are intended to determine their scope, all you can benefit in financial topics, fiscal management, marketing, management, labor relations, business, quality and productivity.

Definitely, actions such as that undertaken by the dean Benedict HAMEDI are very positive, because they demonstrate that the University is not marginalized from the national problems, however their participation, justifies his reason for being and serve as an endorsement for its participants, community overall commitment, social responsibility of being an institution proactive, participatory and away from proposed solutions. He hoped that other colleges wake up and start to join the national situation with actions not just protests, but proposals. Android app