Recently I spent an incident that caused me much laughter, but also disturbed me.

We went to a notary with my two older daughters, and they went to study abroad and needed me to have a power to manage their investments during their absence.

Yes, you read correctly. Power was for me to drive investment to them, not vice versa.

In any case, the lady who served us so misunderstood and made a wrong power that gave my daughters the right to intervene in my finances.

This incident caused us much laughter, as it must have been a rare case for the poor lady who looked at us with puzzled faces and then proceeded to erase the data that was entered incorrectly.

However, beyond the comic, when leaving the premises - with the power hand-corrected assaulted me a few questions.

Why is it so rare that a young person who is already going to leave your home has an investment portfolio?

Why I had to learn at 40 what they knew how to handle with skill at 18?

As parents, we want our children to succeed in life. Of course that covers topics such success much more extensive and important, but we can not deny that a solid financial education a part of it.

We strive to provide both an education that give them the tools they need to aspire to a good standard of living for the future. However, do not teach them what to do with that income once you have generated.

That's why most young couples choose to spend it and, worse, go into debt to buy house, cars, furniture and television. Unaware of the possibility of making that money work for them, to multiply and have many children before being worn out and lost forever.

Without realizing it, these couples are preparing to fail in the area of finance. The decision to borrow and spend before you invest your money will lead to a lifetime of slavery to banks, credit cards and trying to pay bills month to month.

When would have been much easier for them if they had the skills to be restricted in their spending and investing your money wisely. Android app