The characteristics of the current economic scenario, commercial, in which enterprises play an important role through their involvement with the supply of its products, services, backed by market strategies, administrative, technical, where quality and of course, the productivity is an excellent competitive strategy, underscoring the importance that these professionals have specialized in these topics.

With this, there is a great opportunity for professionals who want to venture into activities that promote, not only in their professional growth, but economically and successfully face the consequence of unemployment.

Graduate Area Faces of the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, in 1999 begins a Graduate Program Specialization in Quality Management and Productivity to form, train professionals interested in these topics, not only collaborate with businesses and organizations as it relates to achieving quality and productivity, but also acquire tools, skills, skills that are crystallized in a culture of quality practice that benefits everyone.

The Program emphasizes the personal and professional growth of Quality and Productivity specialist. It is concerned with providing modern knowledge that this claim by interpreting the requirements that the national stage requires to succeed, and emphasizes the continued development of its human capital and improving internal relations between its various units and activities, seeking creating complementary synergies and improvement. Ensures that the impact of the institution's contribution to the various activities of society will lead to a strengthening of sustainable development and self-sustaining.

Ten years have passed since the program began and he has graduated from a significant number of individual professionals are contributing their knowledge, legacy businesses and organizations where they work with very favorable results towards inculcating once and for all in the companies, organizations, quality culture, philosophy and systems, properly interpreting the current scenario of globalization and what requires to be competitive.

Constantly re-enacts its programs, content of the subjects set out in the specialty according to the dynamics of modern knowledge that have been generated from the quality and productivity, thus adding to the redefinition of its purpose, profile, using modern means of learning encourage the participant in their training, training.

Provide all theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, abilities currently managing demand quality and productivity to be highly competitive and contribute to the successful development of the organization, company, where he works or labor.
• Provide basic knowledge of modern management topics
• Train participants in the modern topics concerning quality and productivity
• Develop skills and abilities in making decisions casino online regarding quality and productivity, quality audit
• Skills to deal with and resolve situations where this involved the quality and productivity
• Create and develop a culture, philosophy of quality according to the organization and environment where women work
• Develop and foster the promotion of moral and aesthetic values
• Efficient use of communication, persuasion, creativity and innovation
• Performance within professional excellence
The graduate of this program will acquire knowledge, skills for functions in the field of quality management and productivity, planning, managing and assessing situations relevant to that area, with favorable attitudes toward problem solving, innovation, communication ethical values and aesthetic, intuitive understanding of the changes arising in the organizations and the excellent performance

8 week Introductory Course:
• Topics modern management
• Statistics
• Introduction to Research
• Ethics and Standards

• Computing

Compulsory 12 weeks each
• Quality Management
• Statistical Process Control
• Cost management
• Organizational Behavior
• Strategic Quality Planning
• Management of product and process
• Quality assurance
• Marketing

• Quality Audits

• Research Seminar and Labor Grade I
• Research Seminar and Labor Grade II


You must attend one of two:. Six sigma or Environment and Social Responsibility
This course is scheduled to be undertaken in 6 periods, one of the introductory eight weeks and five specific program, each period comprising twelve sisters. The permanence of the student in the program required by regulation Graduate is four (3) years. Can be done in less time than the participant intending
It has been developed according to professionals who work all day and offers within hours from Monday to Friday from 6.30 am to 9.30 pm you can also attend on Saturdays, called Saturday courses involving four in 8 hours morning and four in the afternoon.

When completing the participant with all academic and administrative requirements established, the institution awarded him the title of Specialist in Quality Management and productivity.
To enter the program must:
• Possess degree in Higher Education issued by a Venezuelan university or other higher education institution of recognized standing, whose curriculum has a minimum duration of four years subject to compliance with the provisions established by law in such cases. In case of foreign university, titles legalized by the Foreign Ministry.
• Copy of identity card. Black background of the title certificate of higher education, certified original transcripts obtained postgraduate studies indicating Higher GPA and busy place in the promotion
• Three passport-sized photograph
• Curriculum Vitae with copies of supporting documents
• Proof of cancellation of the admission application fee
• Preliminary Investigation assigned to one of the research lines of the program
• Present a personal interview
The program supports 20participantes minimum and a maximum 25 in each cohort
The Program is subject to the odd face in accordance with the provisions in the rules of postgraduate studies at the University of Carabobo. During the year, given in three semesters of twelve weeks each, the first of January April, the second from April to July and the third from September to December. Participants must attend the forty-eight hours of classes provided during each period, attend at least 80% of classes taught (Art.71, Title IV of the scheme of studies) to approve the courses with a minimum score of 10, but the final average for the subjects of the program should give an average of 114 points

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