The potential wealth of Mexico is not only in its inexhaustible natural resources it has, or its proximity to the largest market in the world or in the large investments that may come from overseas, but what we can do in each of the students with quality education.

Mexico has been placed in the lowest rankings in international assessments, this does not makes us realize what we're losing with not properly educate our students.

We spend stupidly huge amounts of money in the fight against insecurity, poverty and corruption, but do not invest in creating wealth.

We put too much focus on major national problems and that is precisely what we have.

We are steeped in resignation and uncertainty and apathy that we have reached the conclusion not be able to enjoy our wealth.

If people pay attention to what we speak, what they say and institutions as the media talk we will realize we are only talking about problems, not solutions to these.

It seems that we are doomed to suffer major problems unless someone offers us some hope.

The start to solve major national problems is on quality education, there's the solution for creating wealth in this country, that's the end of poverty of millions of Mexicans, there is the solution to corruption falls its own weight, there is the beginning to end uncertainty forever.

The big problem is we do not know what quality education means, we have come to believe that quality means having all the latest technologies and if we do, then we are doomed to never have quality in education.

Our leaders too easily confused with the quality and quantity in education. They believe that increasing the amount automatically increases the quality.

More than thirty million students currently studying in the country, more than enough to trigger the development of the country, the problem is that we're not educated, but we're taming.

The word domestication is a strong word, but the only one that fits to describe what we do with our children and students.

This word is used to describe what is done with animals, they are used to living in a given environment.

A process that assumes that the student knows nothing and is put in front of a "teacher" to teach everything the student needs to know you can not designate otherwise.

Education is the process that is designed to teach students to read, write, speak, think, create, imagine.

Quality education must increase the intelligence, the trial and enhance the character, if not met these requirements you can call it either way, but not education.

It seems that the key actors of the educational process in Mexico have no clarity of what education means. So much so that the government increases its budget by 7% and the object of insecurity increased by 47% and nobody says anything.

No organizations or civil society or other institution adjournment to speak out against this travesty.

When more is spent on insecurity and invest less in education, is that our politicians do not really understand the gravity of the case.

Spending on insecurity without investment in education is money thrown away.

Much money is spent on fighting poverty, insecurity, corruption, drug trafficking and little to create wealth.

The major problems of society make up a colossal monster against which there are no adequate checks, that's why we think that this monster is winning the battle.

The solution is not to fight that monster because it is a losing battle. The solution is to create checks and this is created with a quality education at all levels and this can make the monster fall under its own weight.

If we say that quality education is the solution to the major problems is essential to talk about this in abundance, and put all our attention on this so quickly generate the agreement and what we have.

What we have in our daily lives is hard to imagine in all dimensions and quality is what we lack, that is why we talk about this in abundance to come to understand and integrate into our lives.

Putting quality in education means putting joy in what we do, is to put meaning, is to integrate what we study what we do in our future to create wealth in this country, is to connect students with the institutions to enlarge the country and its people.

Must break with rigid plans and programs, the student will be guided to make their life plan that is linked to a national project that it will be creating.

It is convenient to introduce new subjects that are commensurate with the times, it is now necessary to create new knowledge, because what we learned five years ago is obsolete.

Mexico is a country blessed to have many natural resources, it only remains train new professionals to detect all these resources that will generate the welfare of all and for all.

It seems that this is the concern of our rulers, but that's not reason enough for us citizens we stand with their arms crossed waiting for governments to act.

We can start to encourage parents to become parents of successful kids, you have to do a great job for them.

Teachers along with parents have a historic opportunity for students to great men and women who changed the history of this country.

The media are very important as these can help us promote the questioning of current education and also create the need and belief that all have the power to change the conditions of education.

There are very few ways that address the problem of education and usually content to resignation tend to suffer from the problems on the subject.

The proposal is to encourage all media to seek in their spaces to the problem of education from all points of view while they are planted the possible solutions to major problems of education.

You may be required to organize conferences, debates, discussions, lectures where they involve all stakeholders in the educational process.

No ordinary citizen has the right to sit and wait for the government to do what to do, we all have an obligation to awaken this sleeping side, with greater reason, all institutions are required to make its task in terms of education because the delay will affect us all without distinction.

It is time to stop acting as a subject and act as true citizens.

If we really want to enjoy the wealth of this country need to commit all to quality education of our children, we all have a role to play.

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