What is Funimate video maker?

Funimate is an awesome video editor offered by AVCR Inc. Funimate is one of the best video editor available on play store and has been downloaded more than 10 million times till date. Basically it is a video editor where you can create your own videos and add music and effects to the same. With Funimate you can create awesome music video clips make fun videos, lip sync videos, slow motion etc. which will make you an instant superstar in social network like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube etc. You can crop your videos, add photos and images, music, emojis, text etc to your videos. With this, you can create truly amazing videos that will mesmerize your audience. The app is available on play store and apple store. The app requires Android 5.0 and above or iOS 12.0 or later. The app has many in-app purchases with which you can unlock lots of exciting features, templates and transitions. The app is having a top ranking in a lot of countries and is used by millions of users. The developer claims that Funimate users have more chance of getting featured in TikTok by making creative music videos.

Download Funimate music video editor app  Funimate music video editor 

Create awesome videos to your friends and fans alike:

The best feature of Funimate is its simplicity. Even a beginner with no video editing experience can create wonderful videos from everyday events. The company is claims to have a patent pending technology with which you can make inspirational videos within seconds with unique real time effects. Once you have created your videos, you can instantly share the same with your friends and family on your favorite social networking sites. The app is available in many languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish etc. 

Features of Funimate video editor app:

As mentioned earlier, the app has some amazing features which makes it the fan favorite. The below is the elaboration of the same:

  • Adding custom video effects: The app possesses more than 100 advanced cool video effects. You will never feel short of creativity to create good looking videos. Just add your short videos or pictures to the app and create fun video along with music in seconds.
  • Creating own effects: When you create a video using Funimate, you are not just limited by the effects offered by the app. You can create your own effects using the pictures that you have. Therefore you can become both the video star as well as video effect creator.
  • Adding music effects: Funimate understands that everyone has a unique story to say. Therefore, the app enables its users to add own music effects to create a fun and cool looking video with which you can impress your TikTok audience. The video you create can be very entertaining when you add pictures, short videos and music.
  • Add stickers, text and emojis to videos: You can enhance the features and quality of your videos by adding from hundreds of emojis, stickers or your own text to the videos. This way plain videos can be converted to really meaningful and thought provoking fun filled videos.
  • Video cutting, trimming and merging features: Apart from the usual features like adding music, templates, transitions etc. Funimate also allows you to do custom functions on your videos such as cutting, chopping, merging, trimming etc. These features make Funimate truly powerful.
  • Crop and edit videos: You can create videos to social networking sites such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Musically and YouTube by cropping the required frames and editing the videos.
  • Creating video loops: Another interesting feature of Funimate is that you can create video loops. This is particularly interesting for users of Musically. You can now start impressing your fans and followers.
  • Community: Funimate has its own music video community. So you can start making short videos, fun videos, fan videos etc. and start featuring yourself in Funimate community. You can also increase your followers on social networks
  • Privately share your videos: If you want to share the videos to only select group of people such as on WhatsApp then you can download it and share it privately.

How to Download Funimate music and video editor app?

You can head over to either Google Play store or Apple iOS store depending on your operating system in order to download the latest and updated version of this app and start creating fun and unique videos. Below are the links

Pro version and subscription:

Funiamte offers pro version along with subscription which is like weekly, monthly, annually etc. You can unlock a lot of effects, features, transitions with the premium subscription. The prices vary per country so make sure to visit the above links to find out what it is in your case. 

How to Login and Signup on Funimate:

You need to create an account first on Funimate app. Then you need to login in order to access all the features offered by this app. Read this article on "Login or Signin in to Funimate" in order to now in detail about how to register, create an account on Funimate and login using social network.

How to edit videos using Funimate:

Editing videos is very easy. Just follow these steps to create stunning videos in seconds:

  • Open the app and select your pictures, videos
  • Add the required transitions, music effects and templates
  • Download the edited videos and start sharing with your network!

Feedback and reviews by users:

The following are the pros and cons as per user reviews on play store and apple store:


  • Very good editing app for beginners
  • Good for TikTok editing
  • Cool effects and transitions
  • Good availability of filters, music effects and templates
  • Easy to use


  • It has watermarks
  • Video quality can be a problem
  • Glitchy at times
  • Lot of ads
  • Hard to use if you are not comfortable
  • You need to buy pro version if you need to unlock features

Contacting the developer:

In case of any queries, feature requests, solution to problems etc. you can reach out to the developer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the official website at funimate (dot) com to find out more. The app has been developed by a company based in Turkey.

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