It's easy in any exercise to work different muscles of those who truly want to work. This is the reason why many people do not see the muscle gains and the reduction of body fat you expect to see. And this has to do with your abs and how to correct it? When you are doing exercises for the lower abdominals to remember exactly what these muscles do. The rectus abdominis (abdominals are the forehead, known as the six-pack) connect from huueso located until the lower ribs. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between these two points.

Many people are wrong when you end up crunches and upper body using ground hip flexors instead of the abdominal muscles. To use your abdominal muscles you should concentrate on narrowing the gap. Ycual "is the way to close the gap and concentrate on your abs? This is a simple exercise you can add to your workout to concentrate on your lower abs.

First, reverse crunches. Instead of having someone hold your legs as when we made the traditional crunches in school, ensures your top placing your hands under your buttocks. And instead of lifting the shoulders Keep your legs straight and take them until they are perpendicular to the ground. Do this 15 times, rest and repeat

Another good exercise for your lower abs are the swimmer's kick. Lie on the floor and place your arms again next to the body by placing hands under the buttocks. With legs straight lift it up from the ground to about 45 degrees and make like you're swimming up and down the legs, like kicking in the water. Do it for 60-90 seconds, rest and repeat.

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