In this modern world all will talk about computers. Nowadays mobiles are better than computers. Electronic technology changed the life of a human, it made easier for human work. But if anyone doesn’t know how to use gadgets then there will be in danger for their health. If anyone don’t know how to use Mouse, keyboard, computer, mobile in proper way then they will be in problem for sure.
In modern days everyone knows how to use computers. From smaller workshop to post office, Banking for every work they need computer.  We should have a some distance to see Computer monitor, tv sets otherwise they will suffer from vision syndrome for sure. If we use computer in proper way it will be useful otherwise it will be problem in future.
Nowadays for everything they will send message from mobile. But nobody knows how to hold their handsets, and even they don’t know how to press a key when messaging. So if they don’t know how to use laptop, computer, mobiles then they will get pain in their hand for sure. From this gadgets Tech neck, mouse rest, iPod finger, blackberry thumb and computer vision syndrome and other diseases are possible if they don’t know how to use gadgets. For a example a person using a mobile daily for every minute he used to send hi and bye messages simply for everyone without reason, so one day he got hand pain very much and he visited a doctor, and he said to doctor that I can’t even lift any object, so doctor said don’t use mobile much otherwise you will lose your hand for sure, so he afraid a lot, started to use touch screen mobiles which is more reliable than other mobiles.
Even every fast typewriter will don’t know how to press keys, so they will get little pain for a while, doesn’t neglect like this pain, this will become more in future. From a research they said that 35,000 IT workers they are taking treatment in Neuro muscular skeletal rehabilitation centre.
Usage of keyboard and mouse is common. But they don’t know what the effects are, if they won’t use in proper way. From starting only they won’t get pain in long run pain will be increasing, from this back pain, depression in nerves, bone pain and other problems will arrive. But some people don’t understand and even they don’t bother about it, when it become serious then they will approach a doctor, so at the time all will be over better take care about you when pain arises.
If they don’t use keyboard, mouse, cell phones in proper way then they will suffer from diseases like refiteteam stress syndrome.
Tips to reduce your pain:
After every 30 minutes, you should relax for 30 seconds. And also you should keep stretching your hands and legs periodically, if you keep on doing like this your nerve stress and pain become reduced and also there are small mouse and split keyboard will be more useful and very enjoyable to use. Android app