By passing a few weeks of using an exercise plan to lose weight, exercise can stop giving the desired results. Sometimes this is because the muscles have adapted to the exercise you're doing.

The body has an amazing ability to adapt to stress. Exercise is the stress that the body must adapt to become stronger. The problem is that by constantly repeating the exercise your body gets used to them. And the result is that you are repeating something that the body is adapted, so it is easier to do, and there is no need for muscles to adapt again.

What would happen is you end up burning calories, which at some point is what this weight loss. However, to keep losing weight will require even more exercise, a strict diet or both. But if the body is constantly challenged this helps to develop the fitness levels and a higher level of fitness is a great way to control weight much more easily.

The importance of progress in the exercise

To overcome these drawbacks is important to change your exercise routine regularly. This helps to re-challenge the body and force the muscles to adapt to new levels of stress. How often should change exercise routines depend on many factors such as genetics, recovery factors, nutrition and energy levels. Whenever I change my routine when I can not make progress for three consecutive sessions.

It may also be a good practice to change other aspects of routine exercises such as frequency, duration, time and pace of the exercise. Android app