FIFA 2014!

Yay! It's football time. Changing minds from the league games to some serious International football. Nation comes first to every sportsmen. Well its time for them to prove. After all the qualifying rounds and numerous procedures, we are at this position with teams divided into Groups named A to H. 

Each group has 4 teams. This brings to a total of 32 teams fighting to progress forward. The group stage is a round-robin event wherein each team will play other teams present in same group. Top 2 teams from each group will qualify for the eliminator, which is a knock-out stage. The round-16 is further reduced to round-8, round-4, third spot and the Final. Here is list of teams in different groups listed according to the alphabetical group name.


Group A:

1. Brazil

2. Croatia

3. Mexico

4. Cameroon


Group B:

1. Spain

2. Netherlands

3. Chile

4. Australia


Group C:

1. Colombia

2. Greece

3. Cote D'Ivoire

4. Japan


Group D:

1. Uruguay

2. Costa Rica

3. England

4. Italy


Group E:

1. Switzerland

2. Ecuador

3. France

4. Honduras


Group F:

1. Argentina

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

3. Iran

4. Nigeria


Group G:

1. Germany

2. Portugal

3. Ghana

4. USA


Group H:

1. Belgium

2. Algeria

3. Russia

4. Korean Republic


Hope you enjoy this edition of World Cup hosted in Brazil. 

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