French, a clear favourites in their group started their World Cup Finals against Honduras with a comfortable 3-0 victory after Karim Benzema's 2 stunning goals. They marched forward to face Switzerland in what you would call a goal rain. With 3-0 at half-time, match went on to conclude at 5-2 favouring France. With this victory, France got their licence to compete in next round. Having one match left in group stages, they had to face Ecuador which ended in a score-less draw despite Ecuador playing with only 10 men. This confirmed them table top spot and a comfortable group stage play. Benzema justified his selection by scoring 3 goals in 3 matches.

Match-Wise Result:

1. France vs Honduras 3-0

2. France vs Switzerland 5-2

3. France vs Ecuador 0-0

France had to face Nigeria in their Round of 16 match in Estadio stadium infront of 67,882 spectators. The star mid-fielder of French team, Pogba succeeded in scoring at 79th minute. Nigeria, on the verge of scoring, committed another mistake in 91st minute by scoring a own goal. This did seal the fate of Nigeria and ended their campaign at the pre-quarter level. France continued their winning spirit and qualified for Quarter-finals.

France vs Nigeria 2-0



     Starting their campaign as one of contenders of top spot in a tough group, Germany had to face Portugal in their opening match. Under Ronaldo's hats, Portugal seemed to be a nightmare for Germany not until it was 2-0 in first half. Muller managed a goal in first half and then went on to score twice again to complete his hat-trick. A clean sheet from Neuer made final score a roaring 4-0 and a kind of start what German fans would have expected. Germany, in the next game ahd to face the furious Ghana team which was trying to qualify for he knock-outs. Germans were tough enough to settle for a 2-2 draw and a goal difference of 4 which almost had made them qualify for next round. In final match, they faced USA where Muller again managed to net. Neuer was at his best to stop USA and had a clean sheet against his name. This ended Germany's group stages with 7 points and spot at the top of table. Muller was joint competitor with Neymar and Messi for Golden boot.

Match-Wise Result:

1. Germany vs Portugal 4-0

2. Germany vs Ghana 2-2

3. Germany vs USA 1-0

After a decent group stages, Germany had to face the Algerians who finished behind Belgium in group stages. After a goal-less full time, the match progressed to extra time. Early in the first half of extra time, Schurlle managed to score a goal which put them in a good position. At the near end of second-half, Schurlle and Ozil managed to score another goal which came off Ozil and assisted by Schurlle. In no less than a minute, Algerians replied with a strong answer scoring a goal to make score board 2-1. With no time left, Algerians had to accept the defeat and exit the tournament. Germans marched forward as always and ended their tense match comfortably.

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