We are now left out with final 8 teams who would be playing to lift the World Cup. After draws and wins in group stages and pre-quarters, its time for quarter-finals. We are just 2 match days away from a clear winner. Here is a brief description of how teams made it into the quarter-finals. 

Teams Qualified:
1. Brazil
2. Colombia
3. Netherlands
4. Costa Rica
5. France

6. Argentina


     The hosts Brazil started their campaign with a win against Croatia despite an own goal from team star player Marcelo at early minutes. After two consecutive goals from Neymar, they were in the riders' seat with Oscar finishing the things in style making score board a look a decent 3-1. After initial success, they struggled against Mexicans and were forced to settle for a score-less draw. This resulted in a bright chance for other teams in the group to see themselves in pre-quarters. But, having read the situation perfectly, Brazilians sealed their final match against Cameroon where the hosts blacked out Cameroon by 4-1 with Neymar again scoring twice. Fred and Fernandinho had their role in booking seat in round of 16. Young Neymar was amongst top scorers of tournament. 

Match-Wise Result:

1. Brazil vs Croatia 3-1

2. Brazil vs Mexico 0-0

3. Brazil vs Cameroon 4-1

After a good group stage, Brazilians had to face Chile in the first of Round of 16 matches. Determined Chile team, after finishing behind Netherlands, were pretty confident of a win. After a 1-1 score at 32nd minute, it was a goal drought. The match was a draw at 90 minutes which manditorily made both team to play for another half-an-hour. But with both teams performing above their expectations, it had to be decided by penalty kick-offs. Brazil started the penalties and managed to score every alternate and were at 2 after 4 hits. On the other hand, Chile missed both of their first two shots but quickly recovered by scoring next two. With scores again tied at 2-2 after 4 shots each, it was Neymar who scored the winning goal for Brazil while Chile missed that final shot. This sealed Brazil a spot in the Quarter-finals.

Brazil vs Chile 4-3


     Colombians started World Cup 2014 by playing against the Greece side in their group C campaign. Having a 1-0 lead at half time, Colombia sealed things pretty well scoring 2 more in second half to make it 3-0 at full time. With a win against Greece, Colombians moved forward for another comfortable win against Ivory Costa after initial lead at second half. Ivory Cost failed to score the second goal which resulted in 2-1 favouring Colombia and as well continue their winning streak. After successfully qualifying for knock-outs, they were to face Japan. Scenario were similar at half time with 1-1 on the board, after which Colombia flew off by two goals of Jackson followed by late goal by James making it look 4-1. This also ensured their win all of their group stage matches.

Match-Wise Result:

1. Colombia vs Greece 3-0

2. Colombia vs Ivory Costa 2-1

3. Colombia vs Japan 4-1

Having won all the matches at group stages, they were next to face Uruguay in Round of 16. Uruguay team had managed a comfortable win against the tough England team after 2 goals by Suarez. After a controversial final match of Uruguay, they were orphans without Suarez in the knock-out campaign after a ban on him. This had surely favoured Colombia, who took the better advantage of it, winning the Round of 16 match 2-0 after two blazing goals of James. Colombia also managed a clean-sheet and a confirmed place at the Quater-finals. 

Colombia vs Uruguay 2-0


     Netherlands had to start their world cup finals against the mighty Spain, the defending champions and the 2 time Euro Cup holders. Well, that didnot pressurize them much even though they had lost against the same team in the previous edition of the World Cup finals. The Dutch men mesmerized whole world by scoring 5 goals and just conceding 1 goal off Alonso which came off a penalty. The Van Gaal men were just 1-1 at high time after Van Persie's flying header. They came back very strong in the second half with both wing-men Robben and Van Persie having 2 goals against their name and Virj in midst managed to convert a difficult one. After beating Spain comfortably, Dutch had a cake walk beating Aussies and Chile by 3-2 and 2-0. This ensured them the top spot in their group and the probability of not facing Brazil in round of 16. Both Robben and Van Persie ended their group stage with 3 goals a piece.

Match-Wise Result:

1. Netherlands vs Spain 5-1

2. Netherlands vs Australia 3-2

3. Netherlands vs Chile 2-0

With a mind blowing performance at group stages, it was time for Dutch to face Mexico. The strong Mexican team with their champion goal-keeper were very much in the game till the 93rd minute with score 1-1. A foul inside the penalty box costed them a penalty. Dutch men made no mistake in converting that into a goal and thus ending match 2-1. This ensured them a spot in the next round as they did in last world cup.

Netherlands vs Mexico 2-1

Costa Rica:

     Costa Rica, placed in the group D, the group of death along with other giants such as England, Italy and Uruguay, had a very little chances of making it to the Round of 16. They started their World Cup finals against the strong Uruguay, trailing 0-1 in first half. Just after half-time they broke through scoring 3 goals and conceding none. With a bright start to their campaign, they went on to face Italy, where Italy fans were made to cry after Ruiz netted in 44th minute. They maintained a clean sheet and booked themselves the top of table. Having beaten 2 better sides, it was their final match to play England. Out-of-competition England could only manage a score-less draw which ensured another vital point for Costa Rica leaving them at 7 points at end of group stages at top of table. 

Match-Wise Result:

1. Costa Rica vs Uruguay 3-1

2. Costa Rica vs Italy 1-0

3. Costa Rica vs England 0-0

Costa Rica faced Greece at pre-quarters stage and had an initial lead in the 52nd minute before losing Duarte. The 10-men Costa Rica managed to concede just a goal in remaining 35 odd minutes. After a 1-1 draw at 90 minutes, match continues till 120 minutes. With no changes in the score board, penalties were introduced to finish the match. Costa Rica never made mistake in penalties to make it a perfect 5 on 5. While on other hand Greece missed twice to score only thrice. A flawless performance at penalties not only ensured Costa Rica a win but also helped them progress to next round.

Costa Rica vs Greece 6-4

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