FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) is the main governing body of the International Football. At present it has 209 countries listed in their membership list. It was started in the year 1904 and has its headquaters at Zurich, Switzerland. FIFA started World Cup competition in the year 1930. Since then, there has been 19 World Cups and with 8 victorious countries. As we all know that this world cup takes places once in every 4 years, there was an exception in the year 1942 and 1946 as there was World War II. Here is a list of World Cups with year, teams which made it to final and the Winner.


1. 1930  Uruguay vs Argentina Uruguay
2. 1934 Italy vs Czechoslovakia Italy
3.  1938 Italy vs Hungary Italy
4.  1950 Uruguay vs Brazil Uruguay
5.  1954 West Germany vs Hungary West Germany
6.  1958 Brazil vs Sweden Brazil
7.  1962 Brazil vs Czechoslovakia Brazil
8.  1966 England vs West Germany England
9.  1970 Brazil vs Italy Brazil
10.  1974 Wesy Germany vs Netherlands West Germany
11.  1978 Argentina vs Netherlands Argentina
12.  1982 Italy vs West Germany Italy
13.  1986 Argentina vs West Germany Argentina
14.  1990 West Germany vs Argertina Wesy Germany
15.  1994 Brazil vs Italy Brazil
16.  1998 France vs Brazil France
17. 2002  Brazil vs Germany Brazil
18. 2006  Italy vs France Italy
19. 2010  Spain vs Netherlands Spain
20. 2014 Germany vs Argentina Germany


                       Among there 19 World Cups, Brazil is the most successful team by winning record 6 times and appearing in final for 7 times. Trailing them is Italy by winning 4 out of their 6 appearances in final. Germany (West Germany then) has made 8 appearances in finals equalizing the record of Brazil and managing to win 5 of them. Argentina has appeared in 4 finals by winning half of them. Uruguay has a 100% record in World Cup final by winning both of which they appeared along with England and Spain both of who have a Cup to their name. Amongst 209 countries of World which are the members of FIFA, 76 countries have participated in World Cup and only 12 teams have made it to finals. Unitl today, 8 countries share World Cup. The 20th World Cup is played in Brazil in 2014 in the month of June-July. Android app