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  3. Monday, 25 July 2011
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This is an important announcement. At Vinkle! we have said that we are giving 100% revenue share to all the content posted by members with a valid adsense account. But we have come to this painful decision to make 100% adsense revenue for a period of 2 years. Until then you will get all impressions and revenue under your account. This tough decision was unavoidable due to various reasons like hosting, domain cost, maintenance cost, servers, editors, softwares etc. We may extend this period to some special and more contributing members and also announce new perks based on the cost we incur to maintain the site. So we hope you please cooperate with us and extend your help to make Vinkle! a sharing and caring community. For more details on adsense revenue sharing please read this article:Earn Money: 100% Google Adsense revenue sharing Program. If you have any more questions please post a reply.

Thanks and regards,
Vinkle! Team
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