Goodbye to perfectionism. 

We blocked, preventing us from moving forward, and energy remains for us to be active and decisive. Do the best you can and relax, there are days that you will better and not-so-quiet fluctuations are normal human beings. The important thing is to move forward and persevere. Try doing your own thing without wanting to perfect. Well advanced and'll get better as you go. When you notes with a perfectionist attitude say out loud or write on paper: "step by step", "little by little." Then do something however small that you put into action to carry out the project or task you are. Hath made a step. Follow with another.

Farewell to grief and the complaint.

You download, fill you with negativity and lose runtime. If you need to complain, write a paper for a few minutes out of your head, then break up the paper and strips. Now change the subject and continues forward. To help you change the subject, imagine that you spend reading a book and page

Goodbye to the fear of error.

Try to be flexible with your mistakes and learn from them to do differently next time. Do you know who makes no mistakes? He who does not. Forward means that we can not go wrong with that mistake and learn something and every time we will be more selective. Many errors, if we learn from them and move forward, gradually lead to our successes.

Hello and concrete action.

Postponing action will cause mental and physical overload. Go and solving gives you doing dynamism and vitality. When we postponed the things left incomplete. It is important to closing issues. Points on paper the things you have outstanding and begin to close. You will notice that you take off a load off. Your back will thank you.

Welcome to ask for support.

The realism, sometimes we do ask for support. It is a breakthrough in your ability to realism. Ask what you need in a clear and concrete and continues forward. Imagine a path that you walk, walk as they appear colored hands that help you achieve your goal. You take one and move forward, take the next and go. So we move all moving and seeking support when needed. Android app