Love is an act of endless forgiveness ... a tender look which becomes a habit. Peter Ustinov

General considerations

Everyone goes through the trials of love, how we give life to which this occurs, shares, our enjoyment while we are given the opportunity of life, without falling into adding that many do and its outcome affects them psychologically and even physically.

The topic is very interesting, because it generates aspects that can not be ignored.

It says that obsessing about a person or a relationship, is a symptom of addiction. reminds us, that insecurity, lack of respect for individuality and privacy of the couple and the desire for possession of the person, often leads to become an important addition, that rather than strengthen it ends love

It is said that many that do not exceed the infatuation stage of love is this and their desire to seek another and another relationship become addicted to it considering that each person they meet is "the love of his life" and suffering with each break but soon there is another alternate.

So the thought of addicted to love revolves around a loved one. He wants to be with him or her for ever longer periods, he controls, is unable to make decisions for yourself, you lose emotional stability and are afraid of being alone / a.

The addiction is very intense love a person with low self esteem constantly need others especially your partner, or values.

Being unable to keep the loved one, a source of security, tranquility, and welfare presumption generates, rather than dependence, uncontrollable "anxious attachment" unfounded jealousy and intense that always end in serious complaints. Also lose control of the emotions aroused by a person who is given unconditionally also putting at risk their health, freedom and personal safety.

about believes that a love addict has a fear of change. They get attached to someone else to obtain that person's identity for themselves. Having a low self-esteem and lack of identity, the person chooses a partner or friend would like to eventually become. Crimes of passion, murder, suicide, and harassment, these relationships flourish. Homosexuality is another derivative of this problem because it is easier to take the identity of someone of the same sex. A love addict is also the need to control the relationship. Use sex to change his will or love. He or she confuse sex with love.
When a person tries to break a love addict, the situation becomes very intense and may result in the harassment. The breakdown adds a burden to already overloaded emotional system of the addict. The love addict is not afraid to be so unreasonable in their actions as possible, disharmony and is capable of anything.

Characteristics of the addendum to love.
The following are some of the obvious features of this addiction:

  • He is incapable of trusting relationships
  • It has an internal rage at the lack of care in childhood.
  • Inability to define the boundaries of the ego: The other person dominates our ego, the other person feels and thinks for oneself or one thinks and feels on the other.
  • Sadomasochism show: On the relationship of the two gives more, and the other taking over. One injured and one seems to enjoy it hurt.
  • They fear letting go of the couple: They make it impossible to maintain a pathological relationship to avoid trouble, not realizing that grief is a natural response to loss and healing and all human beings have the ability to manage pain
  • Struggle with depression
  • Tolerates high-risk behaviors
  • Has other addictive or compulsive behaviors
  • Questions values and life all the time
  • It has a frantic personality
  • Individual experience little growth: They spend more energy on how to maintain the pathological relationship, than on how to achieve personal growth in self-realization, and that is to die spiritually, but physically're still alive.
  • They do not experience real intimacy: There is no trust or openness, deal with lies and therefore deleted the exchange of ideas, feelings and actions.
  • They play mind games: Games psychological melodrama replaced the intimacy and therefore love addicts often feel disappointed.
  • Denies problems
  • Confuses wants as needs
  • Replace immediately ending the relationship adds further that addicts tend to suppress the development of their own because only feel the need for what your partner has achieved. Unrealistic hopes and dreams tend to disrupt their relationships quickly, and because this pattern of disillusionment, fear and emotional dependency are persistent. As soon as possible after a break, the addict find another partner to avoid self-reliance, or may become obsessed with the remnants of a broken relationship to the point of harassing the person who left. Instead of honesty and integrity, self-destructive addict in a loving relationship.

Provides that e n addictive love relationships, a usually last long due to the very common emotional blackmail and other last long, for the inability to keep the loved, the addicted person seeks a relationship either, in order to feel sure.

Manipulation is one of the daily consequences: blames the other for the consequences of neglect and in many cases threatens suicide, thus creating a vicious cycle that is reinforced by the couple in some way.

Do not forget as indicates that an addiction to love often goes hand in hand with low self-esteem, a fear of pain, loss, failure, guilt, disappoint someone, rejection, being alone.
The need to be around other people and be special to someone seems to be an innate characteristic that makes us human, also the culture and society favors this dependency in which stress that we can not live without another person and with respect to spirituality, we developed the false belief that a marriage between two units is the greatest spiritual experience, the desire to satisfy unmet needs in childhood can lead to addiction of love (in all these we are led by the sensations). Android app