Since the development of printing, information has grown by leaps and bounds. In an era where only the luckiest could acquire knowledge, because the books were extremely aristocratization manuscripts, as the high cost of keeping them always in a class above the rest, we have reached the time when the amount of knowledge that operates daily around us is so high that we produce in a week it might take a lifetime to assimilate. Of course, this is only a perceptual assessment, not a statistic. 

The fact is that the Internet, along with the overwhelming number of books published each year has put us in a situation that must have a maturity level capable of using the information we have on hand to develop, ie to increase our quality staff, to confirm thoroughly the principles of excellence that govern human development.

The problem of ignorance

Even so, the availability of knowledge, our company follows a different path than would be expected, because although there are many successful in the personal and professional life, the relationship between them and that could be if we take advantage of all the tools technologization of life has placed within our reach, is unparalleled, as there is still a lot of people who, whether by omission or because they are coerced, they are constantly constrained to accept without generalized concepts, which are not always the highest to follow.

But that resources were taken away to people, although it is a serious problem, only serves to highlight that the biggest challenge we face in the world, is that those who have the facility to expand its personal context, see this as a mere option among many others, as belonging to the leisure time and not to the challenging world of competition. The omission, rather than anything else, can disrupt relationships, plans, success (defined as being at work constantly in the direction of Dreams), and even civilizations. After all, who has ceased to fulfill its purpose in life will endure as a benefactor of mankind?

Ignorance, then, becomes a problem of fear, that is, be afraid that acquiring knowledge, thinking, could disrupt our comfortable lifestyle, so busy with modernity, so quickly that we can not take the time choose a good book, or read a good article on the net, because it inevitably would prompt us to change, therefore, not change, our interior tear between knowing what to do and not do it.

Bertrand Russell said it well: "Men fear thought as they fear more than anything else in the world, more than ruin, more even than death. Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible. Thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions and comfortable habits, the thought is anarchic and lawless, indifferent to authority, careless with the wisdom of the past. But if the thought is to be held by many, not the privileged few, we have to deal with fear. It is fear which stops the man, lest their cherished beliefs are not going to be illusions, fear that the institutions with which they live will not be harmful, fear that they themselves will not be less worthy of respect would have assumed.

The challenge of thinking

But we live in an age of information and social networks, so we have a bigger challenge than any generation that has preceded us. If we are men and women of excellence, if we are to live up to the principles governing the quality of life, health and development, we must think about what we see, read, hear, and so on., Without allowing that information without further drown us, because ultimately we are the ones we choose. And in choosing, through reflection and thoughtful practice of reading, we'll find our own way, that it melts dreams, abilities and backgrounds, and ultimately make the difference between having gone through life without doing anything memorable, or Had he lived, always in search of personal excellence, family and social, as we discovered our vocation.

Thinking is not an unconscious act, at least in our own development thinking is not. To think is to set high standards for me as an individual, and then live them so that around me, others will be influenced, not to do what I do, but to rise from the trap of mediocrity and enjoy life to maximum always looking for the ideal developed.


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