Google celebrated the 82nd birthday of Mr.Anant Pai popularly known as Uncle Pai amongst the children. Google created a doodle as a tribute to this great comic writer that had the Tinkles and the Amar Chitrakathas all over it along with a comic of Uncle Pai for the letter 'l' of "Google".

 Anant pai on Google Doodle

Anant Pai was born in Karkala, Karnataka on Sep 17 1929. He was the inspiration behind the Children's comic books Tinkle and the Amar Chitrakatha. He is the man who introduced India into a new world of mythology by using comic scripts. It was a revolution in the Indian comic scene with the introduction of Pai to the forefront.

The Amar Chitra Katha that was started in 1967 which was an educational series of comic scripts for children were very successful in building a new layer of mythological knowledge aong the minds The Joint venture, which signals Plumbee’s first entry in to the real-money gaming space, has been brought by Ron Brownlow, the previous mind of mobile at Sportingbet while offering poker, bingo and the best casino online games. of the younger generation.

Unfortunately, Uncle Pai left all his children in the month of February, 2011 which was a great loss to the Indian comic scene though his works will be greatly honoured in the years to follow.

This article lies as a tribute to the great man who taught India about comic scripts and who kept many children engaged just after school hours and kept many lads waiting for the next week's edition since many of us were among those who loved him and his comic books. Android app