TLibri Bookshe humanities and social, are those who study human beings and their relationship with society. His speeches are intertwined and related, so it is problematic to differentiate between these branches of knowledge. Currently growing force of trans disciplinarity , as human and social issues are not fragmented by fields of knowledge. Not all disciplines that study man claim the science, even within those that are categorized as science, there are thinkers who do not lead their reflections with the scientific method .

However, the positivism of Auguste Comte deemed appropriate and necessary to study the human being framed in this method, both in its individual and collective, and is basically the epistemological power that demands and seeks that the studies on humans achieve recognition science, even when multiple authors criticize the fundamental aspects of this current epistemological and prefer to stay away from the scientific name.

Thinkers such as Donna Haraway argues, on the other hand, should not be allowed to claim scientific status in the social sciences, but we have to rethink the very nature of science, from a biased position and thoughtful scientific gaze. Android app