All people want to work as adults to live independently form a home, have children or not, but the job becomes more important and the focus of our lives.

Often so much so that we try doing more hours and sleeping little, eating nothing vaces in time to which we must, finally, we rolled over on labor life forgetting ourselves.

The human body is what God has given us to live and do not care if we can break, damage, plus if you also have children they need us, and therefore the care we provide.

Today there is little work in many countries and we can not let what we have. But life is not know how much hard and deserves your attention.

I make this appeal because even if you work hard to afford a house or a car, none of this you can take it when you leave this world. The material is temporary, you can have it today and gone tomorrow, life must take care.

Try then not exceed your expenditure beyond what you get, this is the first contribution to help get a better quality of life. Cut your expenses, your debts, if you live in a house that pays a lot because so and so lives in a lovely and you can not be a little less, forget about how you live dude, Move into one that has comfort rooms needed but pay less . Who cares if you have no source of water, gardens, garages, the important thing is to have bathroom, kitchen, and the number of bedrooms they want, which is in a good place and pay according to what you can afford.

You do not need to be paying a new car, there are very good vehicles that look good but not luxurious and more expensive brands. They also pay cheaper insurance.

When you lower your debt, that money is now going to have in your favor, you can use in your life in many ways, leaving the city to spend days at leisure, or camping, you can go to a beach and relax , take your children to do sport, stop being in the monotony of the complaint and what you can not do.

Give your body well-being you need after working so hard.

Undoubtedly the stress is now affecting many families, but if we look on these families are drawn on their accounts, despite having overworked, sleep little, have affected sleep and even food.

Often put obese because they eat obsessively get home and this is not healthy. The best way to control the quality of life of a person is analyzing the economy what goes in and what comes out. Secondly trying to check his health because the body requires care and be evaluated every certain period, that is preventive medicine. Sometimes you have to get out of the jurisdiction, some drowned in payments that can not prefer to be so demanding sometimes borrowed only for show wealth and a class of artificial life, thinking that if they were more simple and live in a way cheaper they could give more quality of life, know other countries, enjoy breaks, give a better life for their children, because after all if you fall sick and in bed, all that will disappear in no time and would be a conflict for your children if they can not cope.

This should be a time of reflection, only that I write to think about it and plan your life. Android app