Khan Noonien Singh, usually abbreviated as Khan, is a villain fictional universe in Star Trek . According to the story explained in the first appearance of the character, the episode Space Seed of the original series , Khan is a superhuman, created by eugenics and genetic engineering , in his time, he mastered more than a quarter of the Earth , to lose power during the so-called eugenic wars of the mid- 1990 . After being revived by the crew of the starship USS Enterprise in 2267 , Khan attempts to capture the ship, but was defeated by Captain James T. Kirk and exiled to the planet Ceti Alpha V, which could create a new civilization with its genetically enhanced people. The character returned in the movie 1982 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , located fifteen years after the original episode. In it, Khan escapes from exile and Kirk seeks revenge. Khan was interpreted, both in the television episode and in the movie by actor Ricardo Montalban .

Costume used by Khan in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan .
Initially conceived as a brutal man of Nordic descent, reflecting some of the features of the concept of Friedrich Nietzsche , Khan is portrayed as a man of Indian descent, smart and ambitious, admired by the crew of the Enterprise, while who oppose their plans. Harve Bennett , executive producer of Star Trek II, elected as the perfect antagonist character of Kirk in the movie and gave him a dress that seems made from chunks of time to reflect on a inhospitable planet. Khan is a villain repeatedly imitated and was positively received by critics and audiences. The Online Film Critics Society chose him as one of the top ten movie villains of all time.


Space Seed

Gene Roddenberry , creator of Star Trek in 1976.Khan first appeared in the twenty-fourth episode of the original Star Trek series , entitled Space Seed and released on February 16 of 1967 . According to the provisions in the episode, Khan is a superior, genetically enhanced , one of many created in the twentieth century to overcome the physical and mental limitations of human beings who came to power and lost it during a call eugenics wars of the mid- 1990 . Khan was both the most victorious conqueror as the more benign dictator, ruling Western Asia with a firm hand and generally peaceful until he was deposed. While most superheroes were killed or sentenced to death , Khan and 84 of his servants managed to escape the Earth in the sleeper ship SS Botany Bay . preserved by cryogenics in suspended animation, the crew of the Botany Bay is discovered by the ship of Starfleet USS Enterprise in 2267.

When the cryogenic chamber Khan breaks down, the captain of the Enterprise, James T. Kirk ( William Shatner ), orders that the former dictator, which his real identity unknown, is transferred to your ship, where he wakes up and discovers she is in the XXIII century . Housed in a spacious cabin, while the Botany Bay is towed to a starbase, Khan fascinates and seduces the historian of the crew, Marla McGivers ( Madlyn Rhue ), while accessing the database and technical manuals ship and idea how to take control of it for their own purposes. McGivers Khan agrees to help revive the rest of supermen, allowing you to organize a mutiny . To coerce the crew of the Enterprise, Captain Kirk Khan holds in the decompression chamber and threatens to kill him if the ship does not give up. McGivers can not stand and frees Kirk, which neutralizes Khan and his men using neural gas. Khan managed to escape and from the engineering section of the ship trying to destroy itself, but is defeated by Kirk. The captain then organized a trial in which sentence to Khan and his followers into exile on a colonized planet, Ceti Alpha V. Khan Kirk accepts the challenge of invoking the fall of Lucifer in Paradise Lost of John Milton : "It is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven." finally joins McGivers Khan to avoid a court-martial . In the final scene of the episode, Spock ( Leonard Nimoy ) wonders what will sprout in a hundred years of the "seed" Kirk just planted.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

The original crew of the USS Enterprise Khan's character in the movie returned 1982 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , when officers Clark Terrell and Chekov Pavel ( Paul Winfield and Walter Koenig , respectively) of the USS Reliant is transported to what they believe is Ceti Alpha VI, looking for a bleak world in which to test the Genesis Device , a powerful tool for terraforming . Khan and his followers captured Terrell and Chekov, will soon discover that the planet is barren exploring Ceti Alpha V. The sixth planet from the exploded shortly after Khan was abandoned, causing severe climatic turbulence adjacent planets and becoming the fifth world into a desert. Many of the survivors of the group of Khan, including McGivers, who had become his wife, died because the only surviving animal, the "worm Ceti." When the planet arrives at Reliant Only twenty of the supermen of Khan are alive. Vowing revenge on Kirk, Khan controls the will of Chekov and Terrell using parasites that are implanted in their brains, take control of the Reliant and sets out to capture the Genesis device. The objective is to punish Khan Kirk exile :

"I've done far Worse Than kill you, Admiral. I've hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you. Shall I leave you as you left me, as you left her, marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet ... buried alive! Buried alive ...! "

"I did something far worse than kill him. I have hurt. And I continue to wounding. Leave you, how you left me, as you left my wife for all eternity abandoned in the middle of a dead planet ... Buried Alive! Buried alive! "

Khan, speaking to Kirk in The Wrath of Khan.

Deceived by Khan to go to the space station Regula I, the crew of the Enterprise suffers a surprise attack of the former dictator. Kirk, with his ship partially inoperative, Khan tricks using a secret code to download remotely Reliant's shields so you can attack them, forcing the withdrawal of the villain to repair his ship. By exercising mental control over Terrell and Chekov, Khan captures the Genesis device and left unattended to in Regula I Kirk. However, Spock manages to trick you into believing that the Enterprise is hopeless, so Kirk and the rest of the crew can escape to the nearby nebula Mutara. Feeling challenged, Reliant Khan ordered to chase the ship through the nebula, where the shields and sensors are useless. Due to the inexperience of the dictator in space combat, the Enterprise manages to damage to Reliant and kill the followers of Khan, who did not accept defeat and activates the Genesis with the aim of killing the enemy, even at the expense of his own life . However, the Starfleet ship escapes when Spock, in an act of self-sacrifice, repair the engine of curvature of the Enterprise and allows escape. Khan's last words are a paraphrase of Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick :

"From Hell's heart, I stab at thee!
For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee! " "From hell's heart I stab you!
With all the hate, I spit my last breath! "

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