Please do not misinterpret the title of this article because the entire law of attraction number one goal is that each of us not only want, but we really believed that every day we can be better than the day before and that there is nothing we can obtain, based always on the Fe (without involving harm to others).

So as I said, the high point does not mean we have to be arrogant with others and we created it, indeed, when we act with greater humility easier to get what we want.

When I say that we must aim high, that we want to graph in everything we undertake, always seek the "prize", even when we believe that this is far, because as I said successively article, the secret is not in the victory immediate but perseverance that we put after successive defeats to reach the victory that is ours by divine right.

Aim high also means always wanting to give more than half a step we believe that we are able to give. Because that mentality will we attract like magnets positive actions toward us.

That is if we aim high (even if we have setbacks along the way) inevitably end up above. However if we limit our actions for fear of not being able to increasingly below will point and all you achieve is to attract more constraints on our lives.

It's like the marathon runner who says to himself, and do not give more, I can not take another step because I'm exhausted. However, even as you are exhausted and surrendered before falling half-step you should give more, because although shot in that race fall, that means step involves the fuel that feeds your spirit for the upcoming battle and that way you will know that you can always give another half step even if you feel mentally exhausted.

Of course we must not make entry or physically or materially what the books say, without having first cleansed your mind of those limitations that you were filling your head for 30 or 40 years.

Because otherwise if we do immediately what the authors expressed, we must consider that we are millionaires even though in reality we are not, for with a positive attitude will attract wealth, and that one way is spending money without fear of unable to recover it, the only thing I can assure you will achieve is that almost all people who do this are found to make ends meet they ran out of savings and more depressed than before.

Why the above happen?

On the one hand by what I said first we must cleanse our minds of these limiting thoughts and negative and rooted in our subconscious and we imagine that we have and secondly, because however much we read, believe and understand about the laws of the attraction, this is not enough, because in reality we have to do is to "understand" its operation and this is not achieved only with all the intentions and past actions.

This is a slow process of reading and learning, applying its precepts from low to high to go gradually realizing their real meaning, because otherwise wanting to climb several steps at a time, all you will achieve will fall off until the beginning from where we were or even lower and be sore and bruised up.

So when one wants to buy a house, car or just a shirt, one that ends up loving it worth a little more and ended buying the "merchandise" he would not do it.

If made to analyze the above, many will have done and if they see him coldly see that in most cases things bought by investing 10% more than they thought at the time that was the right thing ( "half step") .

And that's ok because it always noted above (clearly no place at all in the same bag because there are those who are compulsive shoppers and if their actions are useless, because they do not motivate a mentality of "creative" but sick).

Of course all this if not applied before and now wish to do so must first find out if they are prepared to do, knowing better the functioning of the law of attraction, so until they know for sure that was the moment, it is desirable that no do any action without first consulting the professional discipline in which you want to act (to find out if they are ready to take that step financially, physically or whatever at that time).

So remember, always aim high and end up on top, be satisfied only with what you need and you'll never leave the plain. Android app