When I refer to the sight of the eagle, I'm not saying anything but looking at the world with the light of our Spirit.

I mean, look at our walk on the world from a broad perspective, not only by the vision that allows us (the eagle) but also extends and "dominates" all (the spirit), because it as such, using it with the mind " creative "we can master our own world getting what we want.

When looking from "above" our life, we are separating our thinking produced by our ego, which binds us to earth making us compete with our peers.

And in contrast we learn to view life with our spirit, which embodies our creative mind, looking at all those who occupy the world simply as those who accompany us on our way, because our objective (to manage with our spirit and not with our ego) is to compete against ourselves, wanting to be each day better than the last.

Obviously this implies a radical change of thinking (the competitive to the creative), which is not easy because most of those who undertook the study of the Law of Attraction 30 or 40 years we have been strongly thinking the wrong way .

"Now, how we change this mindset?

The ego that was not created by God but by our own mind feeds on fear, and before it is always on the defensive against the entire environment.

So you always compete with others and I'm not talking about a sports game or with a partner for the vacant post of supervisor, but with that we have at hand or not and we want to be better than him, showing him that we have a better house, a better car or better jacket.

That is because of our egos want to be superior to the other, to counter the fear that continually feeds the ego. So that to make us think to ourselves that we are more than that, our fear disappears at that time or reduced.

So as a summary see:

1) We have an ego that makes us mistakenly believe that success in life.

2nd) The ego feeds on fear.

And ultimately what effect is what causes fear?

For fear prevents the Holy Spirit to fulfill our desire to intervene, as the same (subconscious) is the one who intercedes between our conscience and God (superconscious).

And here is where it materializes the "change of thinking" I speak of above. Not competing with each other and sticking out the fear that our ego makes us believe that we have.

And how does the above?

Opposed to fear love, love for God (He himself through love we offer to our neighbors) know that God will give us all we ask and that it falls to us to give love because we are not doing anything but taking Fe in Him

When I say love I mean the feeling of wishing the other was better, even if that person is not a "good" and even whether we have done anything wrong. No I mean go and give him a pat on the back, but only with their own spirit wish (love him) the best for him or her.

To understand this I will give an example (I always try to realize these lessons to learn from other renowned authors, through my own practical experience).

A few months ago I passed outside the office of a "colleague", which had just opened (it was beautiful and tasteful). In light of this and knowing that his past owner had not behaved professionally correct me, I could have done with envy and wishing him the worst. But acting like the Law of Attraction says, maybe you want inside.

After that, two or three days came to my office (I have a property) a customer that a few weeks ago showed him to buy an apartment, and at that time had not been convinced to buy it.

When the woman sat on my desk before me, told me that while talking in the office of this "colleague" I speak of above, was on his desk daily warnings that day, where he noticed a I had published notice of the department that she previously had not convinced, but what he said that notice will change the feel for it.

"So how this story ended?

Well, that day was again to see that department and now I bought it.

That is in the office of the person that I want the good, even when this in the past had hurt me, resulted, in the same office that this woman decided to purchase that had previously discarded.

Some (not believe in the law of attraction) will say it is coincidence, but for those who know the "secret" in the law of attraction there are no coincidences or accidents are all consequences of our actions and thoughts.

Then we summarize the latter becomes:

3rd) To have fear (of you to stop such a thing happen or something bad happens) keeps the Holy Spirit (subcosciente) intercede to turn our wish into reality.

4th) annuls The fear contrasting love (to another similar or same to God by trusting Him through faith we place in the same.)

Now we see that the way we think and act correctly is leaving aside the fear and trying to look only in yourself, keeping the critical partnerships, to improve every day, leaving the praise to others, accompanying this inner desire to wish the but to whom we forward, even our "competition" because this will lead to "react" to a greater prosperity for ourselves.

In conclusion, this eagle eye has to teach us that we must put aside our egos, acting with humility and start watching our neighbors with a look of our own spirit.

It is time we stopped to see the tree and start at the forest.

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