Human beings have tendencies to be much given to pity. A no ability to say NO. Grief, fear, emotional deprivation, low self esteem, all these factors are involved in it.

But sometimes yes, plunges us for life, much more if an IS in a marriage relationship where love is not.

It is sad that we have difficulty or can not say NO. Sometimes we have to make physical efforts that harm and do not put a stop to situations that endanger us.

This is because we're not careful or do not appreciate us, many cases lack of praise drag in childhood, to say how valuable we are.

Therefore, parents have, that in the same way that you cry and scold him when he does not bring the best grade in a subject, when the small, or bring good grades can not go to indifference.

Many parents do not how many children need to feel valued, have good attributes, bonito, which are appreciated for their talents, they need lots of emotional attention, so that this does not grow up with shortcomings.

The shortcomings bring insecurities, do things to please others, even unwittingly, to be in bad relationships, and many other patterns that we adopt as adults.

In this case we are talking to say NO. And when I say learn to say NO, this does not say that they are malicious and cheat someone saying or promising anything, aid or something and then when that person has the support to say no mocking or playing with the feelings. He who says he does not say from the outset, and you need to explain why he does so with honesty. Honesty, openness are very appropriate skills for practitioners.

With the truth will be everywhere. That is why we need to know when to say yes and when not. Because we have to avoid misunderstandings, bad actions, misunderstandings. And who would give answers and explanations?. In our life there are many people who deserve our respect and understanding will always know our position.

From now on we gave NO reason without penalty with your hands. It is better to cheat or lie. Android app