The Confederation of Students of Chile (CONFECH), is a student organization Chilean federation that brings together students from universities belonging to the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities.


 The central theme of this organization in recent years has been the financing of education.  Its main objective is to give unitary and national student demands, combining the realities of traditional state and private institutions, as well as metropolitan and regional.  The 2009 proposed four "axes programmatic CONFECH Work."  The agenda covers the four themes: 

  •  The funding, which is deepening the north according to the Ministry of Education ;
  •  Access to Higher Education as a forum for debate;
  •  Democratization, which includes the development of Statutes, and
  •  The quality, framed the discussion on accreditation.

 In 2010, under the government of Sebastian Pinera , the proposed CONFECH stop the privatization agenda unveiled by the Ministry of Education through Juan Jose Ugarte, create the conditions for a reform of the higher education system have focused upon the strengthening of the public and create a broad movement and convergent according to the following demands:

  • Elimination of debt: Combat logic and credit financing through tariffs.  Should pursue a policy aimed at financing the payment capacity of the students, in which the costs of institutions are covered by contributions from the state and not by the value of tariffs.
  • Direct State Funding Increase to the self-financing institutions and end: Reduce self-financing through higher contributions from the state, to be delivered differently in accordance with the legal institutions and only those that make an explicit commitment to develop a public role (open, democratic and pluralistic).
  • Strengthening state regulation in higher education: Eliminate the dominance of the market as regulator, betting that the state institutions regulating the disclosure of courses and institutions, to ensure its operation, the treatment of their estates and working conditions in the houses of study.
  • Elimination of profit on all institutions to regulate its operation in terms of real estate transactions and generation of foundations that hide motivation campuses outside the academic world.  This must be eliminated as a requirement in any institution.
  • Accreditation to ensure academic excellence: Eliminate arbitrary and business with those who carried out the accreditation.  Promote mechanisms and regulations that focus on academic excellence, to assure the students and not to speculation advertising.
  • Securing the Right to Organize and student participation: Promote the existence and formalization of student centers and federations, with conditions for its operation and jurisdiction for their representatives in all institutions.
  • Change the system of access to higher education: Promote complementary systems that do not reproduce the inequalities in school education, which allows you to select the best talent and level failures that occur desertion.

Organisation and operation

 The Confederation of Students of Chile (CONFECH) brings together students from universities of the Council of Rectors (traditional) organized democratically elected federations.  It is the only national student organization and has over ten years of history.

 Decisions are made horizontally in open plenary held periodically and involving members of the federations bringing policy decisions based on their discussions, speaking in strict compliance with these.  Each federation has one vote, which is exercised by the formal representative who is present and all votes are equal.  The coordination of the puts CONFECH Steering Committee composed of 8 federations elected in a plenary session earlier this year.  To change the executive board must have at least 2 / 3 vote of the student federations present, according to the unique status with the counts: The regulation of room.

 The sessions is open to all students and are conducted throughout Chile on the date and place set in the previous meeting.  The quorum for meetings and make decisions is 16 federations present.  The sessions are chaired by the federation headquartered meeting takes place in conjunction with the federations belonging to the zone and the minutes are public. Android app