There is a global organization with unquestioned respect and prestige, is called the International Red Cross and Red Crescent. This movement, which originated in 1863, currently represents the largest humanitarian network in the world, with almost 100 million volunteers in over 200 countries.

The Movement is made up in turn, three independent organizations and well defined, namely the International Committee of the Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies of the Red Cross and the Crescent.

So join to develop strategic plans and projects supported by humanitarian activities. That is the common point.

In its organizational structure is the International Conference of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which meets every four years, still the highest deliberative body of the International Movement.

However, a Standing Committee as the executive body, is responsible for that Conference resolutions are carried out coordinated actions between the components of the Movement, which in turn meet in General Assemblies regularly to shape policy. These symbols are well known everywhere. Dominican Republic is obviously the International Movement dignitary through the National Association of the Dominican Red Cross.

The human victim assistance is the key reason for living and this organization.

In recent times, the Movement has been expressing its solidarity to victims of traffic accidents. In fact they have always supported the collaboration in the tragedies of this kind. But now when making comparisons with major global spending on pandemic diseases to regain health with the great neglect of road safety.

The seven fundamental principles of the Movement are: