Hello everybody,

This article is just an informative thing to tell you some thing about the rubik's cube competition that is going to be held at J.P. Nagar Sports club, Mysore, Karnataka. The date is September 04, 2011 Sunday and the interested people can register their names by commenting below or by contacting Mr. Omkar at 9741930437. The facebook event page is here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=259614324055857. The rules of the competition are as follows:

1. The competition consists of 2 categories: one is the amateur and second is professional.

2. In amateur category one has to solve 3 cubes in order with at least 1 face(that is color) solved and the total time taken for all cubes will be considered.

3. In professional category, one has to solve each sides(that is 6 colors) of 3 rubik's cube in order and the total time will be considered.

4. The participants have to bring their own cube. Only one cube is sufficient since they can be shared from other participants.

5. Winner will be selected solely on time basis, that is the one who solves in least time will be declared the winner. All disputes are solely reserved by the Organiser(Mr. Omkar) and his decision regarding this will be final.

6. In the end the winners will be given certificates that may benefit them if they attend any further tournaments and also cash award MAY be awarded also. Please note that there will not be any entry fees what so ever.

If you want any more information please contact Mr. Omkar or post a comment below. Also the tournament is proudly sponsored by Vinkle!

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