The meetings contain many aspects of attention paid far your content help us grow.

As we travel in this physical dimension that we are subject to constant we find ourselves in situations, which often manifest themselves without having planned, spontaneous, involving our behavior in this scenario before us, where people who never thought emerge we would learn, share special moments, even emotional, as well as unpleasant.

In fact, fleeting encounters that occur where some contain honey, feelings, emotions, feelings, depending on the hobble that we act on them.

In this particular occasion of writing, we confine ourselves with regard to meeting people that are linked in our lives, some just as partners in support of role performance in that time we play, such as coworkers, study, games, meetings. But also, there are those who engage our feelings, emotions, that according to how we identify represent for a time, a role that often remain etched in our memory, encouraging memories, sometimes very positive, but have also negatively, anchored in time, possibly mixed with resentment, for something that happened and affected, right, that it invite assess many important aspects that can not be ignored and more, when one of those games, have been determinants in our conduct, behavior, personality, learning, personal growth.

No doubt many of us as we faced momentous fleeting encounters, in which each person evaluates them according to what it involved, what has given us in our lives, specifically in our learning, growth, especially mood that triggered our emotions, feelings. The important thing is to determine what has been its effect, we have learned from this, most, though some have left their mark very significant, specifically when these occurred at a particular time, place and brought a feeling energetic charge that manifest themselves from time time in the stage of memory.

Therefore important to his evidence, determine the reason for them, which we have inherited, what they learn more when engaged in something actors have contributed to our growth, learning feelings.

Significant is determine how much we identify in these meetings, especially unscheduled those manifested spontaneously and those that we planned when you select the players that want to engage in our lives.

Very relevant to consider in its appearance, the way we engage with all its manifestations, sometimes without determining its scope, impact, again, when we did not know what this would mean, especially when we considered transient, do not appreciate that as we compenetrábamos, gave opportunity for the expression of feelings, emotions, ignoring what would the loosening of scenario that was given temporary life.

The fact that many of these events have left us to remember some times, lots of information, learning effects, sobe reflecting this, especially our performance, we determined that it represents its manifestation. Probably we will have discovered what it represents for example, with respect to addiction, dependence, emotions, feelings, love, friendship and more.

We have noticed that we are transient, that while we are given the opportunity to live we are prone to encounters, where we take advantage of what they involve.

Discover, for example, that with people with whom we shared a while, exchanged emotions, feelings, communicate, discuss, maybe not physically exist and have ceased to exist or we have simply disconnected, was completed on time we allowed to be together, we know most of them, however, emerge from time to time in our memory, often, generating joy but also sadness because when we were given the opportunity to meet, share, do not take it hard. We failed to seize the opportunity, nor identify why we should share, hours, days, months and perhaps a few years while we were allowed to share, enjoy the moment.

In conclusion, very important the role of brief encounters that allows us to insert ourselves in a scenario in which they express emotions, sensations, feelings, learning, and invite us to determine their rationale, the why of your event, his legacy, while awake as actors in them, we can take maximum advantage necessary for our personal and spiritual growth. Life chances are not returned to give and if unfortunately we were not awake, or we go into their essence was wasted time span as stated does not get to, if by chance the same test involves qe we presented, the actors are not the same, the time is not the same.

It suggests the deepening of the reason why these fleeting encounters, which involve, and bequeathed us how we should act on them without our lead to suffering, dependency and addiction. Android app