can be difficult. The seduction of women is a moment that makes you nervous. When we see the girl of your dreams always think that is beyond our scope and we will not be able to seduce her. However, the reality is that although you believe that, you can have any woman you want.

So the question is how to become a more attractive and seductive man. What can I do for her to want me? It is now likely to feel jealous of other men who can do this without much effort.

1. You keep trying!

One thing you should be aware that these men were not born with this ability. In reality what these men have in common is that they were willing to improve their way of being to have the girl of his dreams. They, with their experiences fail to learn what a woman wants and what not. They also realized that there is no perfect solution, applicable to all cases, ie there are differences between women of all tastes.

Based on this, they go to look for women and although sometimes they are rejected are not thinking that the next will be the same. They understand that there are variables and maybe that girl had a bad day, but not going to abandon this idea and try to approach another woman.

First of all you should know that the ability to conquer women depend on yourself and your ability to change. By analyzing you yourself, your disposition, your dress you will truly understand who you are. Through your self-respect will get respect from others, you should not argue with that.

Women appreciate men who are respected and they are real. Once you understand this you will know you do not have to beg a woman to go out with you because you know you are important.

2. Learn to communicate

Second, you must know to communicate. This reduces your conversation skills. Having an interest in intellectual tone helps in this case. This way you can talk about different topics. This reflects your personality and that personality is just get a serious relationship.

3. Does not show you in despair, NEVER!

Finally, do not walk behind the girls as if you were a stray dog looking for food. Insecurity is the worst features of personality you have. This shows that depend heavily on other people and not attractive. Live your own life and be independent. Android app