It is in this article to see the meaning of the cups, in tarot cards. The cups are one of the four suits of minor arcana. Their inclusion in circulations tarot ensures the most complete range of situations reflected in the hunt.

Usually, it is estimated that tarot cards belonging to the minor arcana, have a strength less than that of the major arcana. Remember that the tarot cards, minor arcana are those that are similar, though not totally equal, "the Spanish deck of playing cards. The minor arcana are divided into four suits, diamonds, clubs, cups and swords, but each suit has 14 cards, instead of twelve common deck.

Each stick of this group of tarot cards generally have a particular meaning. That is, the whole series of cups, for example, refers to personal wealth, spiritual wealth, not necessarily the material. And every letter of this suit has a special meaning related to this general theme. Thus, tarot cards belonging to the tops, refers to the toast, to happiness, to the gifts one has, can and should share with others.

The ace of clubs is a purely spiritual letter. When this secret is revealed in tarot cards, he means that the consultant has a wealth of feelings of love to give, but for the moment, is pure potentiality, is something that will be done in the future.

The two of cups, in tarot cards speaks of relationship with another, of deals that lead to happiness, of agreements reached, with excellent interpersonal relations with someone else.

The three glasses refers to love and harmony. One of the most positive tarot cards. His revelation may want to tell us that there is a group of individuals working together towards a common end, crowned with success and glory.

As we see, the theme of the cups in tarot cards is to share good things, blessings. But there are a couple of stick figures that have negative connotations. Such is the case of five cups. He sees a man shed tears before the cups. No doubt this is loss. Still, not all hope is lost, because remaining two cups without spilling. That is, even within the negative predictions, there is always a glimmer of hope, all is not lost.

In general, the glasses reflect abundance, and large numbers of these tarot cards, it is abundance of the gifts of the spirit, perhaps the most difficult to achieve in life, and certainly, we are more reluctant to share with our neighbors. Android app