The puppy will sleep your immune system, nervous system and your metabolism working better. Therefore, it is important that it have a good sleep. Just as human babies, infants also need sleep.

According to the master's veterinary Monografia AC

At this stage of his life, until about the 4 months, puppies need to rest, because its development is full steam ahead.

Sleep stages, the breeding

The pups and adult dogs, have 2 sleep stages: superficial or slow brain waves and rapid eye movement (REM). In practice surface, the dog is quiet and alert, has a deep and rhythmic breathing, blood pressure, metabolism and brain activity decreases.

First phase of sleep

it begins to wake up suddenly due to sensory stimuli. The practice lasts 10 the surface 20 minutes.

Second phase of sleep

In the second stage, REM, the dog's eyelids move, hence the name "rapid eye movement. Breathing in this phase is more irregular, rapid and shallow - at times the dog seems to be breathing. Movements also occur in the legs, muscles of the face and ears.

Sleep duration of young

Baby sleep a lot, from 12 hours a day, at intervals of time. Already, adult dogs, they sleep on average 9 hours per day. The puppies and adult dogs can extend that time shall be left alone, unaccompanied by his owner. Be that the young dream?

You should already have noticed that sometimes when you are sleeping breeding, late, cries or shakes paws, therefore, do not panic: 'He's dreaming! "

According to brain wave research done in dogs, the answer is yes. According to them, it was found that some canine brain activities during sleep, are like those when a person is dreaming. Thus, it is almost correct that the best friend also dreams! Another interesting feature is that, pups and older dogs dream more than adult dogs. What the young dream?

The content of the dreams of the young remains a mystery. One idea that's the way they relate to the world: The more the child uses vision and spoken language, and uses more breeding hearing and smell. Thus, the dream of them should be different from humans. Android app