"A vision without action is nothing but a dream.
Action without vision is just a hobby.
But a vision with action can change the world. "
(Joel Barker)

The preceding sentences closed with a golden key for the excellent video "The Vision of the Future", produced by Joel Barker, I usually show at the end of some lectures because of its unquestionable power of reflection. There's nothing like go home wondering, "What am I doing with me, my family and my career, to be happy?"

Today's text is that goal. I wake up in self-reflection on you as you tried your professional life as you think about one, five, ten and twenty years.

I wish to withdraw the automatic pilot of his life, through which you do not drive, but is conducted or by a routine without wanting to know in which direction. And before passing glimpse of him just two words, dreams and future.

Future and Leadership

The future is not the place where we are heading. It's the place we are building and that depends on what we do at present. Thus, as taught by Master Peter Drucker, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Those who build their own future, also produce other. The ability to engage in their own future is becoming a matter of survival. Manage well a business is to manage your future and manage their future is to manage information. The future is more about technology. It's about processed information as knowledge. If history witnessed the sad division between rich and poor nations, the future may portend the separation between those who know and those who do not.

No company would survive if it depended on genius for administration. You need to be conducted by human resources. Dealing with people is something difficult. But lead people to divise the future is even more difficult. Jack Welch said in a weak property managers kill companies end up with jobs. The best person in the business world or in the wrong position still has a chance. The best business or job in the world with the wrong person in charge, has no chance.

Professionals with entrepreneurial profile is different because while everyone can see where problems are those opportunities. They travel in a car called imagination, creativity must co-pilot, the goal as the persistence engine and fuel. They know that only the best is enough and control directly or indirectly, the fate of many people. To vibrate with the same intensity as the future intangible created in our minds is the highest achievable mission through leadership. The true leader is one who gets that feeling capillary lift in groups as it casino online goes.

Dreams and Goals

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, said Eleanor Roosevelt. And, to paraphrase Victor Hugo, there is nothing like a dream to create the future. This may sound like pun, but you should continue to monitor their steps with regard to their dreams and never adapt. If you prefer to be more technical or less philosopher / or, replace the word "dreams" with "goals." But always follow towards the fulfillment of their plans, straight as an arrow, because what a dream becomes impossible is the inertia of the person who dreams. Humans can not stop dreaming. Dreams are the food of the soul as food is of the body.

Most people confuse the limits of their own field of vision to the limits of the world. They see things and say why of things. The winners say why not? Few accepted the post of victory itself, the majority gives up dreams when they become available. The first sign that we are killing our dreams is lack of time. The busiest people have time for everything. Those who do nothing are always tired. We never have time to do directly. But you still have time to do it again ...

"I had a dream that one day my four children would live in a nation where they would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." When Martin Luther King Jr. uttered those words in his famous speech, evidently found great resistance within a conservative society and racism that is still prejudiced.

His thinking "subversive", meanwhile, found allies. King did not live to see the effects of their actions. But time took care to realize their dreams. If still not equal at least the opportunity.

Whenever you teach, teach well to doubt what he teaches

No need to know either "how" or "where", but there is a question we must all ask when we start something: "What do I do this?" Returning to the beginning of this text, you, "drives or is driven / o? Did you choose or you chose your profession?

Among hit and miss there is always room for major errors. Life is not always based on the responses we received, but in the questions we ask. I, personally, to review my life, I've always been on a run of obstacles, I was the oldest one. According to Tom Morris, the big key to satisfaction is something that almost always escapes us. It is not getting what we want, but wanting what you get.

All the glory is the result of daring. The audacity of trying to be always better. It is not easy, because there's always a banana peel on the floor, waiting for a tragedy. And the shadows are always black, even that of a swan. But I hope to reflect on what we discussed repeatedly here - dreams, future goals - permanently correcting the path and bathing in the waters of the change permanent

Happy who understands that he must change a lot to be always the same.

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