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Many times we noticed many people do behave like monkeys and why not act like them ourselves, without stopping to assess the impact, extent this creates., gives us concern, "What place does our species in nature? A long time ago that scientists have told us that we have a common ancestor with great apes and therefore it is normal that share many characteristics, not always flattering: the lust for power, the struggle for sex, a violent territoriality and a strong tendency to deceit and manipulation. But the fascinating and hopeful-thesis of primatologist Frans de Waal argues that, despite everything, even our most noble characteristics-generosity, kindness, altruism and solidarity-are part of human nature, as we have also inherited of our ancestors

Indeed, in an interesting writing about it in Nora Bär, especially for the Argentine daily La Nacion in verbatim notes, which gives reason to the famous primatologist Frans de Waal when he says that our behavior has a lot of Chimpanzees, our predecessors in the evolutionary tree.

In his book The ape within us (Editorial Tusquets, 2007), de Waal devotes a chapter to analyze precisely the hierarchical relationships in the communities of our "genetic cousins" and concludes that many of the customs of human politics are overt similarities to govern the lives of great apes.

Very significant aspect to take into account, considering our behavior, especially when we are integrated into groups and where often crop traits, actions that make primates, as seen in programs for animals, especially monkeys, Discovery Channel presents .

Is added in the letter, that "Power is the prime mover of male chimpanzee he writes. It is a constant obsession that provides great benefits when you get an intense and bitter when you lose (...) is the greatest aphrodisiac, and also addictive. "

According to de Waal, they are able to seek allies to reach a leadership position and to remain at the top, to maintain a balance between "one's dominance, have excited the allies and prevent the mass revolts. Or to employ the tactic of "divide and rule" to achieve compliance. Sound familiar? Signs that occur in our societies, in all those groups which play a significant role in them

Moreover, Waal says that human beings are exquisitely attuned to perceive subtle ranking indicators, such as certain frequency of the human voice that could operate as an unconscious social instrument. For example, a spectral analysis of the voice of the candidates for president of the United States between 1960 and 2000 revealed that those with a more dominant pattern of speech were those who were elected ...

Luckily, says de Waal, humans also received features of the bonobos, apes less known but equally close to the genetic level, which are noted for their quiet courage, and because they prefer to make love not war.

The solution to prevail greater equity and social harmony, will recover to repress the bonobo and chimpanzee?

Frans de Waal suggests that bonobos-gentle, loving and endowed with an innate sense much like the eroticism is an equally good model to analyze our primate heritage. In short, an attractive and surprising exploration of human morality, seen through the mirror of our closest relatives.

The fact that the analysis before us is an invitation to consider that in our own conduct, behavior manifest actions, modes of action still remains at the monkeys simply the author proposes to consider this discussion and that each reach their own conclusions, including such behavior would be if we still maintain that according to the theory of evolution remain, although some have evolved. You have the answer ... Android app